Christmas Ornament Countdown 2019: 3 Days until Christmas

We looked forward to our November Disney trip for almost a year. We knew we were going for over a year and for almost a year, Robby had annual passes bought just waiting to activate them. He has dreamed of buying annual passes for years and years, and this was his opportunity.

This trip began with a tour of ChickFilA headquarters in Atlanta. Then we went to the beach for a whole day which the kids absolutely loved. Then it was to Fort Wilderness campground and Disney World for over a week. The Crafts and Heltz were able to join us, and it was a super fun.

The kids not only enjoyed the rides, but really seemed to enjoy the parks and the magic of it all. We were able to watch fireworks, ride the Skyliner and even ride the new Star Wars ride. It was a super time-so super that we bought two ornaments which was fine because I did my best not to buy another one on our last trip there a few days ago. Here is one day's blog of our November Disney trip.

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