December 27, 2019

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  • We didn't sleep in as much this morning, and I am not sure if we were really any more productive today than yesterday. 
  • Now Anderson quickly finished up the Lego nook. I do believe that I will need Grandpa to make me one or possibly two more shelves to complete our area-our new bookcases could just use one more shelf. Other than that though, the Lego nook looks nice and new and clean...though Anderson has not yet built all of his Legos from birthday or Christmas. He is trying his best to make it last as long as possible.
  • I worked on the dishes and I think that laundry. I am not sure. We are off on our laundry right now. There always seems to be a load in the floor that is waiting to be folded. Or if the load is folded, then those clothes are waiting to be put away. 
  • Robby and I had done a lot on our Christmas last night so today wasn't too bad. The big boys and Robby worked on putting trees in boxes as I packed up most everything else. By the time they were finished, I had everything upstairs. We just had to shove it in the attic, clean up and call it done.
  • So with Christmas gone, the kids presents everywhere doesn't seem as overwhelming. Now, tomorrow we just might start putting up one present a day. I don't really like putting up my presents either but it does have to be done. I did put up a few today-vinyl and Christmas dishes.
  • Operation move my Christmas dishes worked well today. It was super easy to move, and I think that I might use them more next year if I don't have to crawl inside of my bar to retrieve them.
  • Around noon Pops and Nonna came to pick up Whitman. He was so excited to leave yet he didn't want to leave his new toys (his words). So I let him load up a bag full of his new things. As he was leaving, he was waving his Forky toy at me. I am sure that he had fun tonight.
  • I do believe that I had a good nap this afternoon. Robby says that it was 3 houres, but I don't see how that would be possible.  The kids worked on their Disney pin boards. They have amounted quite a huge pin collection so they all have new canvases to display/organize their pins. Campbell and Anderson still have some work on theirs. Plus I didn't get Whitman one so maybe I can convince him to use one of his small Christmas canvases for his pin board.
  • We ran to the Wilson's pretty late tonight. We had already eaten a little bit here, but we did manage to make a supper out of everything that Shannon pulled out of her fridge. The kids played some and the adults made plans for tomorrow. 
  • Once at home tonight, there was some laundry to do along with some picking up before it was finally bedtime.

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