Christmas Ornament Countdown 2019: 1 Day until Christmas

Dum Dum suckers are all around our house-there are currently at least 3 huge Sam's sized bags in Robby's office, there are about 200 wrappers on my desk for the little girls' craft project, my church bag has a ziplock full of Dum Dums which I bribe the kids with and give out on Sunday mornins and Wednesday nights, picture frames covered with Dum Dum wrappers were just given out as gifts, and there are probably even a few Dum Dum sticks stuck to my carpet under some furniture somehwere as well. We are all about Dum Dums!

It would be safe to say that touring the Spangler Candy Factory which makes the Dum Dum suckers was a highlight of this year's travels. We all loved the tour so much that I bought my largest ornament to date-a huge Dum Dum sucker that I have happily stuck in the branches of my kitchen Christmas tree. Here is the link to that day's travels.

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