December 28, 2019

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  • When we woke up this morning, Anderson was at the table working on his Legos and Graham was upstairs playing on his xbox. By the time that I was ready and walking through the house, I did make sure to give Anderson a hard time for not finishing his Lego set that he was working on. He has used some pretty good self discipline to not work all of his sets at once.
  • We left the house right before 9, and the girls were not up yet. I heard that Campbell didn't wake up until 9:30, Keaton woke up much later than that and Reagan beat them all with sleeping until 1. 
  • We picked up the Wilsons and ran a few errands-Dollar General, Walmart, Old Navy, Kirklands, Walmart (another one), Sams and Kroger. We were doing a bit of speed after Christmas shopping. By the time that we came home, we had filled the trunk and had to start filling the back seat.
  • Campbell wrote while we were gone telling me that she had taken her medicine and finished her Disney board. Everyone but Whitman has finished their Disney boards now. They are huge and filled with pins. I know that this current trend/obsession will pass with the kids, but it is fun right now. 
  • After our shopping, I ran to pick up Whitman. He had a great time last night and this morning. Pops, not so much. He picked up the stomach bug so Whitman didn't see much of him. In the car on the way home, I did make Whitman put hand sanitizer on his little hands! Hopefully Nonna doesn't get sick nor Whitman.
  • When we did finally all make it home, I helped Anderson do a bit of splatter paint to his canvas. Then Robby turned on one of the ballgames for a little bit. I watched the back of my eye lids for a few minutes and not the game.
  • Then it was time to head to the Wilson's house for the evening. Reagan drove us over there. She did well-it was getting dark and spitting rain. Now, she does like to veer to the right to avoid traffic which would be fine except the right is only a ditch! I don't really remember learning to drive-I don't think learning scarred me, and hopefully we won't scar Reagan!
  • Shannon had made chili-we did contribute some meat to the pot and some crackers to the table. In between ballgames, the kids finally decorated ice cream cones into little Christmas trees. Whitman has been waiting to do this for a long time-and things have finally calmed down a bit.
  • We stayed until halftime and then rushed home for showers. It has been a great week and I am a bit bummed that we only have one more free week before life gets pretty busy again.

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