December 21, 2019-Happy 10th Birthday Campbell!

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  • We started celebrating Campbell's birthday this summer with her half birthday party. We celebrated a few weeks ago with the grandparents. We again celebrated in Disney World with a birthday button and fun birthday lunch. And we celebrated some more today.
  • We began with muffins for breakfast before Keaton's basketball game. They were pretty good muffins-the girls usually make them, and I usually don't get any. Today, Robby was the chef, and he made plenty for us.
  • Keaton's game went well. The girl that was guarding Keaton was all over her. Keaton would just stare at her for a little bit trying to figure out what in the world to do; then she would take off trying to outrun the girl. She did hold her on though and did pretty good today.
  • When the game was over, the big boys, Robby and Jason headed off to see the new Star Wars movie. They had a big time and enjoyed eating lots and lots of popcorn.
  • The girls, Whitman and I ran home for a few minutes before games. We did some wrapping, and then Keaton made some Christmas candy. She has been so looking forward to making Ms. Shannons' recipe. It didn't disappoint her-she had fun-or me-they were indeed good.
  • We then left the house and rushed to the library before making it to Campbell's game. Her team tied the game and only lost by 2 points. They had fun and are definitely improving. 
  • Once her game was over, we ran a few errands while waiting on the boys' game to start. The kids favorite was our stop to Wendy's for frosties. It was a birthday after all!
  • Then the boys had their basketball game. Their team lost-no surprise there, but they really play well. If they all were about 6 inches taller, then the scores would definitely be different.
  • Whn the games were over, we ran home for a few minutes. The living room was dark so I was soon fast asleep. Keaton and Campbell wrapped up a whole bunch of presents for their American Girl dolls and even stuffed their stockings. 
  • Then we loaded up for our annual Christmas lights outing. We stopped first at the capitol building. We walked all through the capitol to see the sights. Our next stop was Arianna's for a pizza supper. The food was all delicious-most Dennie's even at the salad and many of them used ranch on their pizza and breadsticks. At the beginning of the meal, they were making fun of us for using ranch on the breadsticks, but by the end they had joined us!
  • We then walked through the Capitol Hotel to see their beautiful tree. Some day, I do think that I would like to get dressed up fancy, go somewhere fancy and stay there. Since we had to walk by Hurtz Donuts on the way back to the car, we had to stop.
  • We had left the candles at home, so Reagan improvised with some straws, and we were able to celebrate Campbell's birthday one more time before heading home.

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