December 8, 2019-Dennie's December Dash to Disney

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Usually on Sunday mornings, we wait until the last possible minute to wake up and get ourselves out of bed. Not this Sunday morning-we can move pretty quickly when we have to. As I walked upstairs to wake Reagan up, she had asked me to wake her up earlier than usual, Anderson was kind enough to tell me where Whitman was sleeping-in Anderson’s bed. 

I am not sure what makes that boy change beds, but it always does cause me a few seconds of panic when I can’t find him in the mornings. I am not sure if Anderson’s bed mate was the reason that he was up early this morning or not. By the time that I saw him, he had finished a Lego set and was dressed in his new Sunday shirt.

We loaded up the car and did our walk throughs. Whenever we leave the house, usually one of us will make the loop turning off lights. On a trip day, there are lots of walk throughs turning off lights and other things and looking for things that we have forgotten. Reagan now joins Robby and I on this process-I guess that she has hit the magic age where you become responsible.

Graham and Cambpell were already at church this morning when we arrived. Graham had been there fairly early since he arrived with Grannymom and Grandpa who had Sunday school first. Campbell showed up with Nonna and Pops.

There are lots of things that I might change about church, but our choir and orchestra are definitely not one of them. They did their Christmas music today, and will next week as well, and it was amazing. We probably could have left a little bit earlier, but we did want to hear the choir.

Whitman was very attentive during church. As the preacher man started his sermon about Jesus healing a paralyzed man, Whitman leaned over to me and said, “I thought he would have been talking about Jesus’ birth.” Yes, I did too. A few minutes later, Whitman whispered not so quietly, “Which came first, the scroll or the pharisee?” I told him that I would get back to him on that.

We even went to Sunday school for a little bit. As we were waiting for it to start, Keaton brought me a cup of hot apple cider. I thought that was so sweet of her and went on and on about her kindness. Later I did find out that Sophia had gotten that cup full of cider of Lily, but Lily didn’t want it so Keaton gave it to me. Not exactly as thoughtful as I had thought!

As soon as our Sunday school opening was over, the Dennie crew all headed to Nonna’s to change clothes. I had a laundry basket filled with clothes and shoes. I dumped that in the floor and we found what we needed. Then we more than filled it back up again with bags, Bibles, shoes and clothes that we weren’t taking on the road.

Robby heated up our leftover ham and cheese croissants, and as soon as everyone was dressed and ready, we pulled out of Nonna’s driveway right before noon. The kids played on their ipads the first leg of the trip. We did start a book on tape for a bit.

Our first stop was somewhere in Mississippi for gas and a potty stop. Robby did buy everyone a slush, coke or even a coffee (Reagan) while we were stopped, so that meant that we wouldn’t be able to get too far before our next bathroom stop. 

And we didn’t get to far until our next bathroom stop. This was just a quick run in at Wendy’s for a few pottiers-Whitman, Campbell, Keaton and me. Now, Whitman didn’t want to potty but potty he did. Meanwhile, Robby spent some time wiping down Whitman’s ipad which had become a bit sticky. 

It was soon dark even though it was way before 5. I do wish that it would have stayed light longer. I do believe that the dark made the ride seem a little bit longer. We stopped for gas, bathrooms, McDonalds and Subway all in one stop which worked out perfectly for us. Everyone but Whitman had Subway sandwiches. Whitman opted for nuggets from McDonalds. 

I had thought about eating in the car but decided to just eat there. Then it was back in the car to watch The Swiss Family Robinson. All of us but Whitman have probably seen it before. It was good to watch since climbing the tree house is high on my list this trip. We didn’t stop last time to climb. Next journey to Florida, I do plan to watch Pirates of the Carribbean. 

Once we crossed the Georgia line, we did have to stop at a rest stop for one more bathroom stop. My favorite part of bathroom stops is cleaning the trash out of the cars. It does make things so much nicer. 

And would you like to know what else is nice-when the movie is over. The movies have to be so, so loud. By the time that they are over, my ears are killing me! The silence after a movie is just divine.

We made it to our hotel around 10:45. We did lose an hour on our drive today so that made us getting in later. It didn’t take long for us to change into pjs and settle in to our spots. This couch bed is the neatest one that we have seen yet-it was a bit difficult to figure out but once we did, it is the most comfortable ever. I could even sleep on it tonight. 

I have dosed everyone up-cough medicine and the breather for Campbell, the breather for Anderson and hydrocortisone for Keaton. Hopefully, Campbell doesn’t cough all night long!

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