December 2, 2019

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  • I woke up at 7 and quickly went back to bed thinking that my alarm would wake me up a few minutes later. I woke up at 7:50 wondering why my alarm hadn't rung yet. I quickly realized that I had set it for 8:30 and not 7:30. So that made for a very rushed morning.
  • We were able to still get our tegether worked accomplished for this morning, and then everyone set off to do their work. The kids have 7 days of school in their folders for this week and the week after we return. This is way too much and is a bit confusing-however, it helped me tremendously when pulling out school work.
  • Whitman and Anderson were the last ones to finish their school work-actually, Whitman didn't finish his school work today. I just put it back in the pile-no need to make myself crazy. I did notice that one person was skipping a few things last week, so everyone is having to show me every single thing that they do-it takes a lot longer, frustrates some people, but is necessary for a bit.
  • By 1, everyone had eaten their lunches and then started a bit of down time. We left the house right before 2 for a quick trip to the library followed by jumping at Third Realm. After they were tired of jumping, we all went into the Walmart. I needed to do a bit of speed shopping, but it just felt more like we were part of a circus!
  • We did a few returns, tried to buy a few presents, looked at toys and even bought some groceries. It took longer than planned and I spent more money than planned, but we all survived. 
  • As soon as we came home, it was almost time for the boys to leave for their Trail Life meeting. They had an awards ceremony/Christmas party tonight. They had lots of fun and enjoyed the snacks. 
  • The girls and I were busy at home-we made 3 pans of brownies to take to Bible study plus we made Nonna's famous mac and cheese. They said that it was pretty good, but not as good as Nonnas. I wasn't too offended since it is a fairly involved recipe-best saved for special occasions.
  • The kids had showers tonight and there was some downtime before bed. Afterwards, it was time for blessed bedtime!

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