December 15, 2019

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  • There was no Sunday morning drama here which I was thankful for. Whiamn ended up sleeping with Graham last night-poor Graham probably let the boy sleep with him so he would calm down. And Keaton and Campbell were both in Campbell's bed this morning when I went to wake them up.
  • The choir at church sang the same music this week that they did last week. That was fine with me-I could listen to it each week. Whitamn easily knew the order of the service because once they started singing the last song, he told me that it was almost time to leave.
  • Our Sunday school classes had their Christmas parties this week. It was fun in our little room, and all the kids came in telling what all they did in their classes. They also must have had so many snacks that Nonna had quite a bit of pizza left after lunch today.
  • We rushed home so we could have a great afternoon nap. The dreary weather was wonderful for our naps. Cambpell and Whitman played outside in the misty weather for a good while this afternoon. 
  • Reagan and Anderson left first tonight for their life group Christmas party. They had waffles and lots of toppings. Also, they there was a dirty santa game. I never heard what Reagan ended up with, but Anderson came home with an empty iphone box. Plus a girl gave him her tiny bop-it game so he did feel like he had done well. I am glad that I just suggested that they take things from the pantry for their gifts.
  • Everyone else left for our life group Christmas party. There was taco salad and all of the fixings. It was loads of some of the pictures show. They had games for the kids and games for the adults. Everyone participated and it was just a grreat time. 
  • After Reagan and Anderson's life group was over, they joined all of us at our party. We stayed until after 9 so when we made it home, we scurried around to clean up a bit and then head to bed.
  • Graham had to come down since Whitman was upset. When I came upstairs, he was by Anderson's bed crying. We turned on the clock light. I asked him what he was scared of-snakes and murderers. I assured him that neither were in our house, and we also talked about how Jesus would protect him. Maybe he will rest better tonight!

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