December 23, 2019-Dennie Family Circle Christmas

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  • When I tucked the girls in last night, I told them that I did not want to see them until after 8. As soon as I could last night, I did put my phone down and go to sleep just in case this was a repeat night.
  • Thankfully, it was not like the night before. Not only did I sleep well all night, but so did the girls. I did wake up at in time to call the doctor to make sure that we had an appointment. 
  • I started on picking up the house this morning. I worked on bathrooms until Campbell woke up and started work on her candy cane cake. She worked super hard on it, and it really turned out well.
  • When we left at 9:40, I told Campbell that our goal was to be home by 1. I was pretty surprised that we made it home well before one. We were in and out of the doctor's office in less than 30 minutes. 
  • Yes, Campbell is indeed sick-one ear has fluid which is normal. The other ear was infected enough that her ear drum did burst. Bless, I hadn't seen her ear dripping fluid but it sure was by the time that we had made it to the doctor today.
  • We then zoomed to the pharmacy which didn't take too long at all. Then one store to pikc up the last present followed by some speed shopping at Kroger. We were actually home before 11:30. 
  • The kids all had their lunches and started watching a tv show in the living room. My plans had been to work on the icing for the cookies after lunch, but instead I became hooked on the show. Then I decided that the chair was pretty comfy so I took a quick nap.
  • Then it was time to work. We made 3 batches of icing so we could have 10 different colors for our cookie decorating. I knew Campbell didn't feel well when she was the first one to quit icing the cookies. Graham was the next one to bail. 
  • Keaton acted puny all day long-she just says that her stomach hurts though she is still eating. I have no idea what is wrong with her. I do suspect that she is a bit scared that she is going to get sick again. At least I hope that is what it is going on-she did perk up tonight, but spent most of the day moping around.
  • Anderson worked much longer than I thought that he would. Graham did come back to make a yoda which both boys ended up making. Once Anderson was done, Whitman looked around and shouted, "well, I quit too." 
  • That just left my Reagan and me. She was determined that we finish. I told her that we didn't have to do them all, but she insisted. We worked and worked until all of the cookies were done. 
  • Graham took a shower this afternoon. When he had finished, I read two Christmas books to the kids. I hadn't cleaned up the kitchen so when Robby came in from his errands, he walked into a huge kitchen mess.
  • Soon the kitchen was clean, and Campbell was napping. Robby worked on the kitchen floor, and soon we were headed to Grannymom's house for the Dennie circle Christmas.
  • The Mississippi Dennies were already there when we arrived. Soon Dana and her crew arrived. Then we played a few games-charades, hum the tune and "who am I?" Whitman was on team 3 and was so excited. 
  • After the games were over, we passed out presents. The kids all loaded up. Whitman opened a present first-it was a car track, and he was so excited about that. He could have gone home right then and been completely happy. He also received a box of books, a soccer ball, marble track and art supplies.
  • Keaton opened a box of clothes, a blanket, boots and a gift card. Campbell was thrilled with her mini fridge, blanket and backpack. Graham had a laser tag set, a funko pop, a game, and a few gift cards.
  • Anderson had to wait a while before it was his turn. He opened legos, money, gift cards and a card shuffler. Reagan had a blanket, beads, earrings, and possibly something else. I can't really remember.
  • Dana had my name and gave me a tray along with dishtowels (I needed them desperately) along with a set of oven mitts. I have one oven mitt but my other one is one of Campbell's tiny toy oven mitt. I am anxious to use them. Robby received a tow strap and is ready the next time one of our cars gets stuck in the mud. 
  • After presents, we ate supper and continued snacking on the table full of goodies. We had so many sweets that we barely touched any of them. The kids opened up some presents and played until it was time to head home.
  • At home, the kids put on their pajamas before laying out their stuff. Everyone was excited to find their spot to display their goodies. And yes, my goodies are displayed as well!

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