December 20, 2019

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  • The last day of school for winter break-I would have assumed that everyone would have been up early with bells on to begin the day. Ha! I had to wake everyone up at 8:10. They were all sound asleep. I finally did manage to get Whitman and Keaton down to my bed. Soon we did start on our reading-yes, in case you were wondering, I did finish reading all of our Christmas books. Though I have two more to pick up at the library least I hope I get to the library tomorrow.
  • Also, I am not sure if you have been keeping up on my amount of presents to buy. I was at 8 this morning. I did buy one while we were out today, plus I found one more needed thing in my bathroom cabinet. Seriously, whatever it takes. 
  • Anderson took the longest on school tonight, but everyone else zoomed through....even Whitman who finished pretty early. That gave me some time for chores for a bit. Then Reagan and I planned to head to the store.
  • Graham was our unexpected guest-he was about to have a meltdown over the xbox, so he quickly earned a seat in our car shopping. Taking a preteen boy to the mall was the worst punishment ever! Things went well at the mall, once we got there Graham was in a better mood. 
  • Reagan didn't find anything there so we went to another store, where she still didn't find anything. She can't think of anywhere else she wants to look, so I mentioned that she could just get cash as part of her gift. She did not like this idea at all, so now who knows what I will do...possibly hyperventilate!
  • Once at home, I did some wrapping and played some games with the kids. Then Candice came over needing a shirt done. We worked on that for a good while since the words were super tiny. Thankfully, we got it done!
  • Keaton spent the evening with Nonna and Pops-Actually, she left fairly early in the day. As soon as she finished school, she was ready to get out of here. She had a big evening running errands with Nonna and Pops.
  • Campbell and I made some cookie dough tonight, but other than that it was a fairly quiet evening around here. We found some nuggets in the freezer for supper. The kids also found some ice cream for their snack while Robby and I (mostly I) watched a Christmas movie. This was my first one in a while, and I do think that I needed to watch one or maybe two to get in the Christmas spirit.

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