December 24, 2019-Merry Christmas Eve!

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  • We slept later today than yesterday which was nice. I know that there won't be any sleeping in tomorrow morning. Once we started moving, there was always something to do-dishes to unload, laundry to fold, milk to pour, even a bit of laser tag to play. 
  • I had a few presents to wrap, and Robby also had a few things to wrap. I think that the kids are all over wrapping because I couldn't find anyone to help with the last few bows that I needed to tie.
  • Robby bought us tickets to Frozen 2 this afternoon. It was a pretty good movie though I still like the first one better. Keaton got a bit bored during the movie, but still said that she liked this one better. 
  • There were two people sitting between us so Robby and the big 3 were on one side and I was the little 3 on the other side. This would have made sharing our popcorn and drink difficult had we not planned ahead. 
  • This afternoon, I could tell that Reagan was pleased with most of her Christmas gifts from last night because she was wearing them all-new shirt, new swaeater, new socks, new earrings.
  • After the movie, we hurried home to put on our church clothes and load up a few things before heading out again. Tonight was the Christmas Eve candlelight service at church. It is always so neat to see the place full of candles. 
  • But gracious, we had a time with our candles tonight. First Reagan's candle ended up broken and without a cup so I gave her mine. Then when it was time to light the candles we could not get hers lit for anything. Then Whitman "sneezed" blowing out his candle and Reagan's candle. I was ever so glad to get to the last verse of Silent Night so we could blow those candles out!
  • The kids couldn't wait to get to Nonna's house for supper. I guess they were excited about supper-or maybe it was the presents. Nonna had made a full Christmas supper. The kids were thrilled about the ham, and I couldn't stay aways from all of the sweets. And by the way, Nonna's chocolate pie was pretty perfect.
  • Once we were done with the obligatory pictures and supper, it was finally time for presents. The kids opened lots of things-I will mention the highlights. Reagan: socks-yep, she's growing up. Anderson: Legos. Graham: laser tag. Campbell: croc charms. Keaton: gym mat. Whitman: Spiderman rolly thing
  • It was a pretty wonderful Christmas. We made reindeer food which was a mess! The kids played with their toys and ate desserts until it was finally time to leave. 
  • Once at home, we spread out that Reindeer food before coming in to put up our presents. As I worked on tomorrow's monkey bread, the kids each picked an ornament and talked about it. Next up, we read Twas the Night Before Christmas followed by sitting out our cookies for Santa. 
  • The Wilsons came over for a few minutes. The kids just hung out and played with their new goodies. They enjoyed the reprieve from having to go to bed early. Once it was finally bedtime, there was lots of movement happening upstairs. That might have been because Robby and I were going u and down and up and down the stairs bringing box after box of things down to sit beside the Christmas tree. 

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