December 17, 2019

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  • Today went much smoother than yesterday. Whitman did run downstairs and grab his ipad right before it was time to work together. He wasn't too pleased about having to put it down. 
  • We did some reading-almost finishing our Christmas books. Though at Bunko tonight I made a list of other Christmas books that I want to read next year to everyone. One friend offered for me to take some of her books home to read, but I told her that my plate was full enough.
  • Everyone did their school work this morning and most folks even worked on the rest of the weeks work as well. Reagan was even doing school work tonight when I left for Bunko.
  • She did have a big afternoon-went shopping with Grannymom. ate lasagna, had a frosty and even practiced driving. That is something that she has been asking to do on a fairly regular basis. I guess that we will have a driver pretty soon-she is working hard on studying for her test as well.
  • This afternoon Robby and I ran to get gas, dropped off my car for an oil change and tire rotation (good thing we went because we had a fairly low tire-we had not noticed and had been accustom to the "low tire" light being on), ran to Target and both had our eyes checked.
  • We did good at the eye doctor. Robby only wears one contact now-one eye to read with and one eye to see with. Both of our prescriptions stayed the same so that worked out well. He bought new contacts and I am trying out some new ones. I will say that my eyes have been incredible itchy lately-I maybe should take some zyrtec along with the kids.
  • Once at home, I ran to Shannon's to pick up Campbell's ipad. Then it was home for a little bit. Keaton and Robby headed off to basketball practice while I made supper for the kids. Then I headed off to Bunko for the rest of the evening. We made earrings there and had a blast.
  • I stayed out way too late and everyone was sound asleep when I made it home!

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