December 6, 2019

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  • Once again this morning, I had to jump up to get our school going this morning. That does seem to be the theme-when life slows down a little bit more I would like to start getting up earlier so my mornings are calmer. And since we are dreaming here. I could have a quiet time, exercise, fold the laundry and throw something in the crockpot during that time that I wake up earlier. One day, but probably not tomorrow or anytime over the next month.
  • We did our morning reading and everyone zoomed through their school work. Well, again-most everyone. We did have to finish by 11:30 because that is when we left the house. Anderson and Whitman weren't finished until later this afternoon, but they did get it done.
  • We rang the Salvation Army bell at Sams this afternoon. It is always interesting-the people that you least expect to donate do, the people that you expect to be friendly aren't-it is truly eye opening every single time. 
  • And let me just say, my Graham and Reagan were the ones most into the bell ringing. They made a point to say "Merry Christmas" to just about everyone who walked by. I was pretty impressed with those two today.
  • After we finished the bell ringing, we hurried home to do a bit of house work. The kids worked really hard and did a great job today-our chore time doesn't usually result in those results. After the cleaning, there was some cookie making and packing. It was a pretty hectic afternoon-I do love hectic but I am counting down the days until the week between Christmas and New Years when we do nothing all week.
  • Tonight we had our annual Thursday Night Christmas party. As always there was lots of food and lots of kids. We enjoyed prowling around April's house, and the kids enjoyed playing with all of their buddies. 
  • It wouldn't have been a party if we were home at a decent time-it was a bit late when we did make it home. However, I still had to pack Campbell up. She had laid out all of her clothes stretching from one side of the room to the other side. It didn't take too long to pack her up. 
  • Tomorrow will be a busy day-first basketball games of the season. We shalls see how it goes!

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