December 5, 2019

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  • Well, last night Keaton mentioned that her tooth hurt. This was not the first time that she had said this, so I did take it seriously especially with a trip coming up. At 7:57 this morning I called the dentist. Robby kidded me saying that they wouldn't be open yet, however they were.
  • It was a gamble trying to get an appointment since I knew they were closed tomorrow. I had already said a few prayers that they could get us in today, and sure enough we were told to come at 10. 
  • We started our school work. I was able to do spelling with Campbell before we left. Keaton took some of her work, and I brought Whitman and his work along. There was no need to leave him at home because he would accomplish nothing while I was gone. 
  • Keaton worked in the car, and Whitman did some speed work with me while Keaton was in the back. When they called me back there, Jolley did say that the permanent tooth was pushing down on the baby tooth and was probably bothering her. He didn't want her to wait the weekend and asked if we could come back at 3. I explained that it would be the week if we didn't do it today and certainly we could come back. 
  • We rushed home to finish school. Keaton was a bit bothered by having to have her tooth pulled, but recovered fairly well for the rest of the day. Everyone was finished by noonish-well, not Whitaman. 
  • At one point today, I gave him a piece of candy corn for each word that he had to write on his paper. I did forget about him, but returned to find that he had not written any words nor had he eaten any candy corn. If candy won't motivate the kid, then what in the world will.
  • This afternoon Campbell and I made a dessert for tomorrow and Keaton and Whitman packed with me. We were pretty busy and soon Keaton and I were leaving for the dentist.
  • Keaton did great this afternoon-not only did she have to have a tooth pulled but also had a filling replaced. I had to run to the drugstore to pick up the rest of her eczema medicine so she came in with me. 
  • She was determined that she wanted to go shopping on the way home, so that is what we did. First, we stopped at Sonic for her a drink-which she couldn't really drink until late tonight. Then we finished her Christmas shopping for her sibling at 5 Below, and then I did some shopping at Kroger. 
  • We made it home just a few minutes after Robby did. Then I ran the basketball practice people-Anderson, Graham and Cambpell-over to Sara's house so she could cart them to basketball. She is Campbell's coach so that was pretty handy.
  • While they were gone, I fed the other three-yes, including Reagan. I know that I haven't mentioned her yet today. She was around-she has been busy studying for her driver's test. She is taking notes and highlighting her book. As a homeschooler, this is really the first thing that she has had to study for.
  • I cooked some chicken while Robby was gone to pick up the basketball people. Then I fed the last bunch while Robby and I made rice krispy treats. Well, he made the rice krispy treats and I just got things out, opened things and cleaned up. 
  • It was a pretty productive evening, and I am a bit tired! The tooth fairy assistant, Reagan, is ready with her stash of cash upstairs. Campbell lost a tooth last Sunday at Nonna's house which hasn't even made it in from the car, and there is Keaton's newly pulled tooth. We probably should have never started the tooth fairy thing, Robby and I would have a bit more spending money.

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