December 14, 2019

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  • It was a little bit difficult for us to wake up this morning. Keaton probably woke up better than Robby and I did. I think that she was anxious to get to her ballgame. The rest of the crew was not stirring when we left this morning. From what we can tell (yes, we were spying on them with the cameras), but the first few downstairs were Anderson and Whitman around 9:30. Those kiddos were tired.
  • Keaton sure didn't act too tired during her game today. She did super. We think that her team tied or won-I am not sure. Since her brothers and sisters weren't there, then I didn't have anyone to keep score for me. She scored at least 4 points and did great at defense.
  • After the game, we ran to Walmart and Sams to mark a few things off of our list. The list is never ending and that isn't even my Christmas shopping list. Keaton did get mad at me while we were shopping-I woudn't buy her any candy. Robby was next door at Sams, and she mumbled, "I should have went with Daddy."
  • We hurried home, unloaded the groceries and made about 15 dozen snickerdoodles.  I am not sure really how many it was, but it was alot of cookies to make-especially since we still have the 200 plus from Magic Kingdom. And yes, tonight Keaton was insistent that she make some cookies of her own. We love us some cookies.
  • Before long, it was time to head to the next games. Campbell did super in her game. She scored a few points during the game, and I do believe that she had fun. Her team was so short last week, but this week they were the larger team and the score reflected that.
  • The boys were up next. They were pretty evently matched with the team that they played. They did lose, but the game was close. Anderson made a few baskets, and Graham scored a free throw. Graham was a bit bummed after the game and said that he did horrible. I strongly disagreed with him-if Robby posts one of the pictures from Jason, you will see the boy gaurding Graham is about a foot taller than him. 
  • I met Jodee-she was picking up Reagan. Robby took the rest home for a bit. Then he shuttled Anderson to his church Sunday school party. Meanwhile, I ran to a few different stores and hurried home.
  • Once at home, I worked on unpacking and working on the kitchen. Then it was time for me to pick up Anderson. He had a blast at his party-it is fun watching them turn into teenagers. 
  • The Wilsons came over for a little bit. It was good to hang with some grownups after only seeing little people all week. When they left, some kids had cheesecake-I was so full of cookies that I didn't eat any of my favorite dessert!
  • Robby and I folded the laundry so that caused the kids to go to bed a bit late. That is probably the reason why Whitman was scared-or thought that he was afraid. It took a while for him to calm down-he actually had to lay with us for a few minutes before he finally calmed down enough. Hopefully, he is sound asleep upstairs since we have heard from him in a while.

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