December 3, 2019

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  • I did wake up a bit earlier this morning which helped with us having a few extra minutes to work together this morning. We have a pile of Christmas books that we are slowly working through. They all seem to be a bit longer these days so it is also taking us a bit longer to read through them.
  • The kids worked on their school work today and seemed to breeze through it. Well, Anderson had a bit to do this afternoon. Also Whitman had to finish his last page with Reagan tonight while we were at Keaton's practice. When work is still being done at night time, I told her to just do it outloud with him so I am sure that it didn't take them anytime at all.
  • At 12:30, we loaded up for downtown. I was lucky enough to have a driver to drop us all off. The Old State House had a homeschool day today. Our group was scheduled to arrive at 1:30, and all of the buddies were there. 
  • There were 20 different stations that we went through-well, we probably didn't make it to all 20. Some where really long but the highlights were most definitely the civit war surgeon who went into great deal about amputation and even had a fake leg, the electricity (which Whitman and I missed), the artillery training, cotton ginning and seed finding in poop. Yep, you read that right-they had brown playdoh full of seeds that the kids dug through. 
  • It was lots of fun, and we could have even stayed longer. We took the kids pictures on the steps of the Old State House. The man that portrayed Governor Conway, Arkansas' first governor, was walking by so I invited him to sit in our picture with everyone.
  • After everyone wound down, we headed home. The kids picked out a few Disney pins for next week. They are so serious about their pins and their collections. There were even tears! Once everything was sorted out, everyone was pleased and the tears were dried up.
  • Anderson helped me make brownies-yes, another pan, for his Bible study snack for tomorrow. As soon as those were out of the oven, it was time for Robby, Keaton and I to head to her basketball practice.
  • She had fun at practice, and then we all had fun at Red Lobster eating supper afterwards. Keaton said that she wanted to come back because of the cheesy biscuits. At home, it was shower time for most before bed.
  • Whitman has had a few rough patches today-this afternoon, he went upstairs and immediately started shouting "No! Nnnooo! Oh, No!" over and over again. I knew exactly what had happened and ran up to rescue him thinking that he was trapped under their Christmas tree. The tree was certainly on the floor, but thankfully he wasn't underneath it. He kept saying "oh, no!" as I quickly set the tree back up. I guess that he was terrified that he was going to get into trouble. I did explain that if it happened on a downstairs tree there would be trouble, but their tree was just fine. 
  • And tonight as we were tucking everyone in, he walked towards me saying he had bumped his head. His hands were also bloody. He saw this and started to panic. I pushed him in the bathroom to wash his hands quickly and started inspecting his head. There was enough blood that I thought initially that we would be headed to get stitches. Upon closer look, it was just a scrape and all was well. Things weren't well with Whitman though-after all 5 of his brothers and sisters looked at his head, he just broke down. The boys handed him any toy they could think of to make him happy, but he just sobbed. It was a little pitiful. After a few minutes, he calmed down and all was again well at the Dennie house.

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