December 29, 2019

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  • Last night Robby had seen a brown sweater in Graham's closet. He asked him why he didn't wear that, and Graham said that he didn't like it. Robby told Graham that it was the nicest thing in his closet and told him that he was going to weat it.
  • Graham wasn't too happy with his sweater, but he was a handsome guy. I also picked out a matching grey sweater for Whitman. I would have picked out one for Anderson but he didn't have one. 
  • Sunday morning and no Sunday school here so that makes things a little shorter at church. It is kind of odd going to church for just a little bit. It was almost like we didn't want to leave when the service was over today.
  • When we finally did leave the church house, we found ourselves at Dickeys to eat BBQ for lunch. Pops is still sickly, and we sure don't want to get sick ourselves. We enjoyed our lunch and even met a young man who had 6 siblings. 
  • My one question that I always ask people from large familes, is if they are close to their siblings now. That is one of my biggest hopes for my kiddos is that they will be buddies when they are all grown up. 
  • We did run through Walmart just to see if there was any sale goodies left for us. We did find some candy for the kids but that was all. Robby said that he was looking for more rice krispy treats...but he didn't say this until we were back home. He probably should have mentioned it earlier because Reagan and I saw plenty that we could have bought.
  • Back at home, we had ourselves an early and long Sunday afternoon nap. The kids were fairly quiet-we were only disturbed once when Whitman brought us "debit cards" to use at his snack stand downstairs. 
  • When I did wake up, there was painting and organizing...I don't actually feel like we have done as much organizing this holiday as we did last year. We still have a bit of time, but this house could stand organzing in every single room. Maybe I should make a list.
  • Around 7:30, we started on supper-waffles and breakfast burritos. The Wilson's also called and after supper, we ended up going to Sherwood Forest to see the Christmas lights. The last time that we went, there were cars for miles. We waited so long in line that one child had to go to the bathroom in the trees.
  • It was not at all like that this year. There was pretty much no one there! We drove through and were able to slowly enjoy the lights. On the way home, we stopped at Wendy's for some Frostys. Then it was once again bedtime for the crew.

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