December 7, 2019-Happy Birthday (Party) Anderson and Campbell!

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  • That silly alarm went off too early this morning-not as early as it will go off tomorrow though. Today was a bit busy so we definitly needed all the time that we could before heading off to the first basketball games of the season.
  • Keaton's little team played first. I do believe that Keaton scored more points than anyone else on her team. She played great-even though she was fairly agressive, she still could be a bit more aggresive on the court. They almost won their game, but only lost by a few points in the last little bit.
  • After her game, Keaton went to Nonna's house while the rest of us ran home. We did make two stops on the way home, but still had time to pack 3 people and cut 3 heads of hair before loading back up for the next basketball game.
  • The team that Campbell played had a super star on their team. If you did take all of that little girls points off the board, then Campbell's team would have won. It was a long game-they hussled and Campbell had the ball a lot. She needs to work on dribbling to the basket and shooting. She wasn't much concerned with the outcome of the game because she knew she had a birthday party coming up after the game. 
  • After the game, all of the family went to Grannymom's house to celebrate Campbell's 10th birthday and Anderson's 13th birthday. Anderson requested oreo delight, and Campbell made crinkle brownie cookies.
  • They opened presents-lots of legos for one and heelys, an alarm clock and lots of other things for another. They were both tickled with their presents. We didn't have that long because it was soon time to return to Immanuel for Graham and Anderson's game. 
  • Their game ended up just like our other games. The team that they played did have one guy who was at least 2 feet taller than Graham. The boys and their team did really well-Anderson went after so many jump balls that I was afraid that he was going to get his arm broken, and my favorite part was watching Graham do his best to stop the guy that towered over him.
  • After their game, Campbell went to Nonna's house to spend the night while Graham went to Grannymom's house to spend the night. That just left us with the bigs and the littles which made for a super quiet night. Robby took his car load to pick up supper and to the grocery store before making it home. My car load came home to unpack and clean up. 
  • We were home long enough to feel like we had a super long evening which was kind of nice!

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