December 18, 2019

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  • There had been a big debate in this house about laughing gas the last few days. Cambpell and Reagan were having dental work done today. They felt like they needed laughing gas, while their frugal parents would prefer to save 100 dollars.
  • This morning, Robby's first words to me where, "I guess get the gas." Ha! I decided that I would just see what happened. Reagan had been pretty terrified of not getting gas-drama! Today Graham, who was tagging along because he had two teeth that were hurting, might have even used the word "wimp" talking to her on the way to the dentist.
  • Everyone else stayed at home and did a bit of school work. Whitman worked most of the morning on one page of math. Robby was probably in need of laughing gas after dealing with Whitman and his spaciness.
  • Reagan went back first and did fine-without gas. Campbell was next. They came and asked me about gas, so I told them that whatever they thought was fine with us. She did use laughing gas, which means a smaller Christmas gift for her. Her cavity was further back, and since she is just 9 we will give her a pass.
  • Finally, Graham. He had two baby teeth that were hurting him. Jolly said that they might come out in a week or in a few months. Once he pulled them, he did say that they were very inflammed. For some reason, those of us in the waiting room thought that he was getting gas. Reagan was ready to gloat when Graham came out.
  • He had cotton all sticking out of his teeth with cheeks that looked like chipmunks. The lady said that he said he didn't want gas and did just fine. Oh, if you could have seen Graham glaring at Reagan doing his own gloating. It was my favorite part of the day.
  • When we left, we ran a few errands-the kids were a bit quieter while we were shopping with their sore mouths. Campbell and Graham did finally get a shake while Reagan waited a bit longer for Starbucks. They did fine for the rest of the day. And when Jolley checked on them tonight, everyone was just a bit sore but overall good.
  • Not a whole lot happened here this afternoon. I had a nap; Robby was actaully napping too. We were both too tired to do anything when we heard Keaton asking Whitman what he was doing. Reagan had already reported that there was water all over the floor in the kitchen. Robby did hear Keaton telling Whitman to get some towels over and over again. (Tonight I did discover that my laundry basket was full to towels.) Later, Robby did smell lots of cleaner smells coming from the kitchen and had to tell Whitman to stop cleaning. He was so proud when he told Robby that he cleaned all of the kitchen, though I am still wiping slime off of walls and cabinets.
  • Robby, Shannon and I met at Walmart tonight to go out and eat. First we did some shopping-and I knocked out about 3 more gifts. I am on a roll today! We ate at On the Border, while Brett and my kids played a zillion games at the house...and ate a zillion scoops of ice cream. Chips, salsa, shopping and ice cream-what could be better?

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