December 19, 2019

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  • My people look forward to today almost as much as they look forward to Christmas. Actually, Whitman has never asked when Christmas is; he only asks how many days until the gingerbread party.
  • Everyone must have known what day it was, because I had no trouble waking them up. Graham is already finished with his school while Campbell is pretty close. So that made my load lighter today. 
  • Now Whitamn was all about getting his school work done today. Robby had carefully explained that if he didn't finish then he wouldn't get to decorate his gingerbread house. At 10:30, he had two things left and asked me if he could still go if he didn't finish those two things. I tried to explain that he had 3 hours left! He is never finished by 11, but today he was!
  • I worked on some wrapping, while Robby, Reagan, Campbell and Keaton went driving. Reagan drove to Shannon's street. Then she even drove almost the whole way to Nonna's house. Robby didn't seem to shaken up when they were done, so I guess that she did pretty decent.
  • The rest of us met up with the drivers at ChickFilA for reciept day. We ate up and then rushed the Craft's house for the Gingerbread party...and we were surprised when we were the first people there.
  • It made sense that we were the first ones there because we were there an hour early! Ha! I have no idea what I did, but at least we weren't late. It was fine though because we were able to help get everything ready. There were a lot of people that were soon arriving so many hands made light work.
  • The gingerbread party again did not disappoint. Whitamn worked for so very long on his. Graham had big plans, but he probably worked the least. Anderson stopped working on his house to go and talk to the little kids. Reagan found her buddies and was pretty creative with her house. Keaton's house looked like she had found something on pinterest. Campbell loved entertaining the baby but worked so long on her house that she even took a break. Robby came too this year and held a sleeping Gabriel most of the party.
  • We stayed as long as we could at the party, but we eventually had to leave for basketball. We stopped by the house to drop off a few things and pick up a few things. Then I dropped off Campbell, Graham and Anderson at practice. 
  • I picked up something at Micheals, bought two things at the Dollar Tree, ran by Starbucks, met Robby for gas, and did some grocery shopping. That sounds pretty ambitious during a basketball practice-it was! But it did help that Robby went to pick up the people while I finished grocery shopping.
  • At home, we heated up croissants and ate Keaton's cookies for dessert. Reagan and I wrapped a few things and as soon as we were done we realized that it was already bedtime. 

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