December 1, 2019

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  • Last Sunday I mentioned all of the possibly clothes drama that could have happened while we were getting ready. This morning was much calmer-everyone had shoes, pants and shirts that fit. Well today, Anderson had a shirt that fit nicely except that it was the second week that he has worn it. We let it slide since this way, I can probably get my favorite shirt worn closer to Christmas for the Christmas pictures. We bought him a very nice blue and yellow shirt which is not his favorite. Good thing we didn't buy him the purple shirt that we liked as well.
  • Church today-the kids Sunday school classes rotated through different rooms doing service projects. We packed bags for volunteers for night to shine, put stickers on muffins for a local church to give out, packed care packages for a church in Fordyce to distribute and packed school supplies for a local school. Needless to say, Sunday school flew by-it was a busy, busy morning.
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. The had chili and all of the fixings. We enjoyed munching on everything before we even got to the meal. That is my favorite kind of eating-just snacking. Unfortunately, that kind of eating hasn't been good for my waistline lately, but that is another story.
  • After lunch, Campbell and Keaton stayed at Nonna's house and helped her put up their Christmas decorations. I think that they worked most of the afternoon long. I could definitely tell that they had worked hard when we picked them up.
  • This afternoon the boys rode their bikes for a minute or two on their leaf track. Then Whitman played with the neighbor for a fairly long time. While they did all of this, I cuddled up for my afternoon nap. Now, I had already wrapped 3 presents before naptime so I slept in peace.
  • Around 5, we loaded up to pick up the girls before heading to Grannymom's house for supper. We celebrated Dana's birthday tonight with taco salad and apple dumplings. After supper and presents, we played a few rounds of spoons and even James Bond (another card game). Reagan said that card games are her thing. Maybe a career in Vegas is in her future.

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