December 22, 2019

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  • Robby gave me a hard time at midnight last night, when I didn't turn my phone off as he turned his phone off. I told him that I would only browse for a few more minutes, and I did. Because at 12:30 when I woke with a start to someone staring at me, I was sound asleep.
  • I thought it was Whitman at first, but it was Campbell. She was crying and said that her ears hurt. We have noticed the past few days that she can't hear very well. We knew her ears were stopped up, but without fever or any other symptoms we hesitated to again take her to the doctor. Needless to say, the alarm is set for 7:59 tomorrow to get a doctor's appointment.
  • I quickly found ear drops and settled Campbell back down. She was good, and I headed back to my bed. I was sleeping soundly when Reagan popped in at 3:30 to tell me that Keaton was sick. 
  • I hustled up the stairs to find Keaton standing in the bathroom. She was crying, but the words that I heard the clearest where, "my new pajama pants." Robby had bought the little girls new Christmas pajama pants yesterday which they are super proud of. I assured her that her pants would be clean by daybreak and indeed they were.
  • I cleaned and cleaned upstairs. I did decide that I need to have some cleaning supplies upstairs to help in my middle of the night cleaning jobs. I helped Keaton rinse off her legs and soon was making her pallet on the floor. 
  • She sat on my bed as I was working on her blankets. Robby rolled over, opened his eyes and jumped when he saw Keaton sitting here. This startled her and she jumped as well. It was fairly comical to watch.
  • Once Keaton was snug and cozy, I stayed awake until she fell asleep. I will say while I was awake I kept thinking off all of our sick nights-the night I was sick on Christmas eve and Anderson was just a few days old, the day that I worked so hard to lay our blankets so the kids and I could watch movies all day after being sick that night, and my favorite of memories: when I had 4 sick kids in the floor of my room when Robby came down that morning. Good times!
  • I was so incredibly thinakful to wake up when the sun was up. Keaton seemed fine and everyone was moving around the house. We had to scurry a little bit this morning and did make it to church before it started which was a good thing since I had nursery duty.
  • After church, the kids found their way upstairs to decorate some sugar cookies. Then it was off to Grannymom's house for Sunday lunch. We were there earlier today because we didn't have Sunday school and spent some time watching home movies of past Dennie Christmases. 
  • This afternoon I recovered from my unrestful night with a great afternoon nap. Hopefully, there will be no nap needed tomorrow but I am not too sure right now. After our naps, I went to work in the kitchen while Robby went to work folding laundry. It seemed that we worked just about the same amount of time.
  • Keaton and I made brownie crinkle cookies, I made some dip, Cambpell made a candy cane cake and everyone helped me cut out sugar cookies. Then it was time to heat up supper for the crew. 
  • We didn't do a whole lot this evening-just sat around mostly. We did pull our Santa Christmas countdown. We hadn't gotten to that this year at all. I do believe that our Disney trip kind of threw us a little bit, but we will get it all accomplished. 
  • At bedtime tonight, Keaton still says that her stomach hurts. Now, she did eat some crackers and cheese for supper. I do know that she is exhuasted so hopefully that is all. Campbell had fever earlier in the evening which Tylenol helped. She did get some ear drops before bed so hopefully both of my girls can sleep well all night!

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