All Around Lake Michigan and Beyond-Trip by the Numbers

Days-19 (May 15, 2022-June 2, 2022)
New states for the camper-6
New states for Bentley-6
Total states-12 (Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee)
Gas stops-16 (around 545 gallons)
Miles-3543 in camper, around 400 in the car
Boondocking nights-2
New stickers for the camper-12
Times Whitman will eat blue cheese again-0
Ornaments bought-4
Loaves of bread bought-5
Times driving down the wrong side of the road-1
Jr Ranger badges earned-5 (2 more to complete and mail in)
New National Park Sites visited-4
Costco trips-2
Sams trips-1
Model T rides-4
Total Greenfield Village visits-7 (7/15, 6/16, 9/18, 5/19, 9/19, 12/21, 5/22)
Laundry loads done on trip-9
Laundry loads at home after unpacking-13
Times Whitman fell-10
Animals hit-1 (squirrel)
Hub caps lost-1
Ikea visits-2
Ice cream stops-12
Scoops of ice cream eaten at Turkey Hill-33

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