June 26, 2022-Mission Trip Week AKA Escape to the Lake Week

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Friday morning Anderson and Reagan left for their mission trip to New Orleans. Graham left the next day, and tonight Campbell, Keaton and Whitman left for a three night mission trip at the children's home in Monticello. If you were counting, that means that all Dennie kids have flown the coup this week so it didn't take Robby and I long to make plans of our own: Lake Dardenelle State Park.

The morning started later than any the past week. However, I guess I am used to waking up a bit early this week, so I was wide awake before my alarm went off. I did stay in the bed until it was time to wake up. With just 3 kiddos, there isn't a whole lot to do before church-especially since Whitman's hair is cut and is much more manageable.

We did the church and Sunday school thing. Then we had a meeting for music camp-the kids get irritated with me when I call it that since the proper names are JoyWorks and PraiseWorks. However, when I went and decided to marry Robby it was called music camp only. Now, I do know that was well over 30 years ago though. That camps is after this week of mission trips, after the Dennie family trip and after beach camp which all happen literally back to back.

On the way to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch, we did run by the library. I had a book that was due-we did question going to the library just for an overdue book which only would cost me 10 cents a day. However, we are those people so we returned the book right on time. I always try to keep my library fine less than 5 dollars, and my fees right now are only 30 cents so I am in fact living right!

Pops had BBQ and all of the fixings for lunch today-even had pasta salad that he didn't get out of the fridge. We stayed for a bit, but then we had to head home to get ready for the last wave of mission trippers to depart.

Robby worked on the camper some. The girls added their last few things to their bags. Whitman did his best to cram in as much Ipad time as he possibly could, and I might possibly have shut my eyes for a few moments.

Around 4, I took my crew to Nonna and Pops' house. They dropped them off at church at 5 so they could head to Monticello. Campbell has done this trip twice before but just at a different place, Keaton went last year, and Whitman-well, he just had his first sleepover a few months ago. I feel confident that he will have a great time this week, at least I hope that he will have a great time this week!

As soon as I came back from dropping the kids off at Nonna's house, Robby and Bentley were in the camper ready to go. It took us just over an hour to get to Lake Dardenelle State Park. Our spot is near the water and is decent enough for us. We are not on the best loop-we found it when we were walking; however, the lake is really pretty (as long as I don't look at the power plant-I read all of the warning information posted on the bathhouse earlier today-yikers!)

We got the camper all set, and after it cooled off a bit, we went on a walk. We heated up leftover pizza for our supper, and we may possibly have a snack later in the evening. Around 9 or a bit after, we went on another walk-the weather was much cooler. 

I have briefly text with Reagan and Graham today. Reagan said that they did a scavenger hunt in downtown New Orleans, and she definitely remembers being there (2021). Graham said that his group had about 30 kids for their VBS so that was better than they had expected!

We also saw that Campbell, Keaton and Whitman made it to Monticello tonight. We might have put a tracker on one of the kid's bags so we could see exactly where they are!

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