June 29, 2022-Mission Trip Week AKA Escape to the Lake Week

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Robby and I were up early this morning-well, it wasn't the crack of dawn, but we didn't sleep in. We were on a mission to get home and unload everything before having to leave to get the littles. We pulled out of Lake Dardenelle at 8:30. 

It didn't take us long at all to get home. We had even put most of the things that we needed to carry out of the camper in bags, so within 30 minutes things were unloaded and put away. Really, I think that we had cleaned fairly decently within this time period as well.

That did leave us a few minutes of down time before we headed to pick up the kids. They were a bit late, but they had posted that on the internet plus we were able to track Campbell. I believe that they all really had a good time.

Now, being a boy and being Whitman, it is harder to get information out of him. He was in the orange group, and his favorite meal was the cinnamon rolls. His favorite project was sorting the clothes, and he said that he worked pretty hard. Also from the pictures I could tell that he wore his shirt backwards at least one day (on purpose I would suspect). And also one day, we have heard reports of him taking a shower in his clothes. He told them that he forget he was wearing them. Even though this is not normal behavior, it isn't really surprising for Whitman! He can be a bit absentminded at time. Overall, I think he did fine-fingers crossed!

Campbell and Keaton were in the same group so they had to take turns telling me about everything. Campbell's favorite meal was the bbq, and Keaton told me but I sure can't remember. They worked on cleaning a fence row, worked on a flower bed, went shopping for supplies, and even manged to get Sonic one day. 

After getting everyone home and emptying their bags, Keaton had a short nap while Whitman just laid on the floor with his ipad. He has actually been there all day long-I know that he is exhausted. Then the girls and I ran to Walmart to pick up a few things-things for this weekend and for Campbell's beach camp.

Once at home, it didn't take too long for me to realize that milk should have been on my Walmart list. I tried to pour Whitman milk that expired a week ago. Robby had to go to the bank so I loaded up with him, and we ran to the bank, Kroger, Costco and Kohls. We did get a lot of running around out of the way, and hopefully we don't have to return to a store for a few days.

Keaton made her brownies for our trip-a dozen eggs, 5 sticks of butter, 2 cups of cocoa powder-yep, it is a pretty crazy recipe. They turned out super delicious though. We should have cooked them a bit longer, but I think they are still going to be good. She was a bit disappointed, but I thought they were still good.

Campbell made mashed potatoes for our supper tonight. Keaton and Whitman wanted mac and cheese so they made that. However, Keaton talked Whitman through every step so maybe he will be our new mac and cheese maker. We ate supper while they continued to tell us things about their trip.

Robby and I took Bentley on a walk which must have completely worn her out because she is acting super exhausted right now! I just sent Whitman upstairs to head to bed and everyone else is not too far behind.

The others: I haven't really heard much from them today. Reagan said that she was working at a laundry mat. Graham, the main credit card user, said that he did not need any more peppermints for the beach trip-he took a huge bag of peppermints on this trip! Anderson did text me back when I asked if he could think of anything he needed from the store, but that was all. Boys are quite a bit less chatty than girls especially on text. I might possibly hear from them some more tonight but doubtful.

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