June 18, 2022-Omaha or Bust!

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I found the secret to sleeping late-let Bentley sleep in your bed. She usually wakes up when the sun comes up, barks once for us to let her out of her kennel, and then sleeps soundly on the floor or couch until we wake up. However, last night she slept at the foot of my bed and slept until 8!

Keaton and Whitman were already awake when I did leave the bedroom this morning. I did have to hurry around since I wanted to take Bentley for a walk before it was too very hot. Even though it was early when we went, I still didn't finish our walk before it was pretty warm outside.

Keaton was awake so early because she was excited about today's shopping trip. Reagan wanted to go with us, but at the last minute she decided to stay home. Kennedy and Camryn were over and weren't moving too swiftly. 

Campbell, Keaton and Whitman left with me a bit before 11 while Reagan and her friends went to Bryant for "brunch." Aren't they fancy? I think that they had a good time, and I was glad to see when Reagan made it back into the garage.

Our shopping trip began with me getting my hair cut. While I was doing this, the kids were in the store grabbing a few items from the list. Both girls ended up with flip flops-I'm not really sure why, but they had found a way to get them on the list.

Then we moved on to snacks for their mission trip. They each had a budget of 7 dollars. Next up was food for the offering for their music camps. Reagan, Anderson and Graham each have a secret person to encourage on their mission trips so we bought some things for that. Campbell somehow saw a dress that ended up in the cart. Oh, and there was a perfect Father's Day present that we bought for Robby. Plus we found a few things to put in our Disney bags for our friends. 

So after dropping a wad of money at that store, we headed to the next. There we bought a shirt, sweatshirt and vinyl for a project that Keaton is working on. Then there was one more store, but we had to hurry this time-the ballgame was getting close to starting.

We listened to the first few bats on the radio, and then quickly made it home to unload the loot. We settled into our spots and watched the Hogs play their game. It didn't take too long for me to get sleepy, and since I usually help the score when I nap I did what I do best.

My nap certainly worked as the Hogs won by quite a few points. The big boys and Robby were there baking in the sun as the watched. Thankfully, for them there was a good breeze. They were able to get snow cones before the game along with sunscreen which somehow didn't make it to Anderson's knees which are now pretty red.

After the game here, we went to town on our supper-roasted potatoes, butternut squash, broccoli, carrots and green beans. It took a while to get everything in the oven, and then everything took a while to cook. However, it was pretty good-well, 2 folks did opt for a grilled cheese tonight (Whitman and Keaton).

Meanwhile, many miles away Robby and the big boys were eating chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. I am sure that those guys preferred their meal more than they would have liked ours. Graham is already lobbying to stay longer-I think they are having a pretty great guys trip. Now, watching a game like today's probably was a lot of fun!

After we cleaned up supper, Campbell started on our dessert-funnel cakes. We made them in the air fryer and out of pancake mix. They were pretty decent and much better than trying to fry them in oil like we have done before. However, I still practically burned down the kitchen though (not really, but I did have to leave the door open so the smoke alarms didn't start ringing).

Campbell and I are watching a murder mystery movie, and then it might just be bedtime for this crew! 

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