June 10, 2022

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  • There was a bit of sleeping in this morning. After I woke up and started my day, I left to pick up Reagan from a friend's house. She had a good time-they made pasta, looked at the mom's garden and even swam some last night. However, they must have been super tired because she said they were asleep by one.
  • The next stop was Walmart where Reagan found her Collide snacks. It didn't take too long at all for her to spend her allotted amount of money, and then we headed home.
  • Then at home, there was lots of packing. It is different how the girls seem to be able to pack for themselves without any problems-they know where things are and what they need. The boys are not that way yet. I probably have packed for them for too long just like I still pack for Whitman because it is just easier. 
  • Anderson did better than Graham and packed most of his things. Graham needed lots of help in finding things. However, they did pack their things all themselves-next time I will not be the one to fetch things from all over the house.
  • I also put Keaton and Whitman's things in the camper along with my own. The camper clothes are packed and as of right now, Campbell is the only one with their luggage (and my how much luggage it is) in the mud room ready to go.
  • Reagan went to work this afternoon. While she was gone, the rest of us-minus Whitman, I made him read if he was going to stay home, went to run some errands. First it was Bath and Body works to spend a coupon.
  • Then to Academy to exchange some shoes for me. I have decided that my cheap shoes are making my feet hurt. Hopefully, this pair, even though also cheap, will help my poor feet. Though I probably need to spend some real money on tennis shoes. 
  • Before we stopped at Grannymom's house to drop off Whitman's cookies, we wen to Walmart to shop. Campbell did the best sticking with the limit I gave them. Anderson did the worst-he is usually the most compliant and is fine with anything that is bought for him. Today though he didn't care how much he had to fork over-he was spending most than my 7 dollar limit. It was kind of funny to watch him spend money since he never does.
  • Back at home we came for a little bit. I spent some more time packing-oh, and there was some hair dying for Campbell's hair at some point today. Then this evening we ate supper at Nonna and Pops' house since we won't be around this weekend,
  • They had Mexican, and it was delicious. Over there we worked on Campbell's blue tutu for Collide-they have all of the things. Right now it is 9-so I guess the kids get a little be more time before bed.

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