June 11, 2022

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  • You could tell it was trip day for some Dennies this morning because people were awake and ready early. I sure wasn't though-I wasn't the one going on the trip today.
  • However, Campbell was awake first-mainly because Bentley ran upstairs and found their door open. Graham and Anderson were soon awake and playing on their xboxes. Even Reagan made an appearance downstairs before 10. I do believe that they were all pretty excited about leaving for camp.
  • The morning was pretty much the morning stuff. Robby was about to step out the back door and saw a snake. So the girls, Whitman and I all ended up out there watching the show. We know we should just move the snakes away from the house, but we are standing our ground so the snakes don't leave intact.
  • There is one pictures of Keaton and Whitman on the patio furniture-this was after Reagan had already ran inside, I had already run around the picnic table all because that snake changed directions and headed our way. Campbell had already gone in the house because she disagrees with our snake handling approach. She wants to keep them.
  • This is the second one that Robby has killed in the past week in the same area. Both have been right up next to the house. He was commenting that he didn't like them so near the house. I agreed and added that if one gets in the house, we have to burn the place down.
  • Soon it was camp time. I took the mandatory picture, checked the kids in and left. I didn't stay around for them to get on the bus. Keaton and I headed to Sonic for her to spend her gift card and a trip to the library where she even found a book.
  • The rest of the afternoon was fairly slow with a bit of packing happening. Then we headed to run some errands. Robby dropped Keaton, Whitman and me off at Costco while he ran to Kroger. Then we all went to eat at On the Border which is one of our favorite places-we brought home a ton of leftovers tonight so that will be lunch tomorrow.
  • Then there was Sams, Walmart and back to Kroger. It was a car load that we unpacked before heading to the Wilsons for a few minutes.
  • Once we came home, Keaton washed Bentley while Whitman had a snack. Then they went to bed-Whitman didn't want to sleep in his room alone so he is in the floor under the desk in Keaton's room. I think that she might have wanted him to be in there as well. 

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