June 3, 2022

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  • First, I will apologize for not having any pictures from the day. And yes, this is the second day in a row with no pictures, but in my defense, all I have done today is laundry. 
  • I did squeeze a few other things into the day, but it really was mostly laundry. We heard someone getting ice early this morning, and later we did figure out that it was Graham. Both boys were soon up on their xboxes with Whitman sleeping still. 
  • Soon Keaton and Campbell woke up-mainly because they wanted to go with me to church. I had to work on getting my Camp Geyer stuff ready. Now, the girls don't really realize it, but they were so helpful today. What would have taken my a good long while, didn't take us long at all since I had their help.
  • After Keaton did a lot of begging about using her gift card at Sonic, we went there. And somehow, I still ended up buying our drinks with my credit card and not her gift card. They were happy though.
  • Then we were home for a little bit before heading to the pool. This was our first time to go this year and gracious me, I haven't even made my pool spreadsheet yet. I love to keep up with all of our pool visits. However, we did decide today that we just aren't going to be here enough for the kids to do swim team. 
  • Campbell and Graham were ambivalent about it. Keaton really wanted to do it, and even though I thought that Whitman wanted to do it, he did shout, "yes!" when I told him. No one really seemed to protest too much. We did some counting and just how camps and life falls, Campbell would only be able to go to 4 practices with Whitman being able to go to a whopping 7 and Keaton and Graham fell somewhere in between. So maybe next year-I care nothing about them going to the meets, but the exercise and the skill is good for them.
  • We stayed at the pool for a good long time, but afterwards we picked up pizza for our supper. Keaton and Whitman went home with friends tonight. They were so excited to get to hang out with friends-I think they had been missing their friends. And you know who else had been missing people-my boys. They have been talking to their xbox people all the live long day. (Their xbox people are real people that we know)
  • After eating our supper tonight, Nonna and Pops came over for a little bit. They were anxious to see the kids since we had been gone a while.
  • Whitman had the best night tonight-he watched a movie that he had been so excited to watch. And speaking of Whitman, last night when we pulled to the yard, we all saw that Cash had parked his boat at our house. Robby even moved it before we all worked on the camper. I would have thought that all of the kids would have seen this. But Whitman came down the stairs this morning and nonchalantly asked, "when did we get a boat?"
  • Later, we ran to pick up Shannon, and she came over and finished the pinto bean pecan pie with us as we chatted. Then it was bedtime-but apparently around here things just get started at bedtime. The boys are talking to people on their xboxs, Reagan is on her phone, Whitman is on his ipad, Robby is outside working on something and I'm about to start on my huge stack of books.

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