June 4, 2022

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  • Not a whole lot seemed to happen today, but I will say that maybe because we were up and going by 8 or maybe because we have been on vacation for so long, but this day just drug on. 
  • Whitman was the first one that we saw this morning. Campbell and Keaton had spent the night at their freinds' house so they weren't around. I did the normal chores and even walked the dog before leaving with Graham.
  • We made 5 stops and were home again in less than 2 hours. Graham was pretty pleased with our speed shopping-9 shirts, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 gallons of milk, and 6 nuggets. The shirts were mostly white for tie dying or solid colors for Collide, one pair of shoes were already bought, Graham found one for him, and I bought one for me which I now think are too small.
  • So we were back home before it was even noon. There was laundry-all day long. It just never ends, but I am finally getting finished with the trip laundry.
  • I did use the shop vac in the camper today. I probably would be appalled at all of the dirt and dog hair that it sucked up. However, I do feel like it is a lot cleaner now. Tomorrow I begin putting everything back in it to get ready for the next event.
  • Keaton and Campbell came home, and we soon left again. Campbell went to help take care of some kids during a swim party while Keaton, Whitman, Robby and I went to the pool. Whitman, as he does every year, loves the pool. He never complains about leaving, but he would go anytime.
  • Then back home, and Keaton made pasta for everyone's supper while I made some cookies. I liked the cookies, but Anderson said some of the ingredients tasted stale (they did not) and Reagan would't eat them because they had peanut butter in them so I guess this is not a recipe that I will end up saving.
  • Robby was mowing on the other side of the yard. I saw him walking around looking at the ground so after a bit I went to see what he had lost. A spring popped off his tractor-two neighbors even came over to help us look. We finally found it, but it was broken. It had shot pretty far from where he was so glad it didn't get anyone.
  • The mower still has to be moved back to the garage, but that is a task for another day. Folks are working through showers now and soon it will be bedtime for the crew.

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