June 19, 2022-Omaha or Bust!

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My house full was up early this morning for church. Somehow I was thinking that we hadn't been to church in a week or so. I guess that this week was just so long that I didn't remember being there last week.

We were there on time and were able to sit near our buddies. They had a neat video from the kids' collide camp. We also prayed over all of the people going on mission trips next week-they said that it was 15 percent of the church which is quite a few folks. (All 6 of the kids are going places this next week on mission trips)

Afterwards, it was time for Sunday school and then lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa's house. After eating all of the delicious food, Grandpa opened up his Father's Day gifts-candy's from the girls plus a tv from all the kids.

Then it was home for a little bit. Bentley was able to get out of her kennel for a little bit. I even took a short little nap which didn't last too long because soon we were heading to the pool. Well, Reagan was finishing her nap while Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I were heading to the pool.

Campbell just went with us so I could easily drop her off at Rock Creek. She was there for a little bit and had time to chat with friends before heading to church for the evening. Keaton and Whitman so enjoy the pool. Once our buddies left, we kept some of their kiddos and stayed another hour before coming home.

Once we did come home, I took Bentley on a good walk since she really had spent most of the day in her kennel. She is currently sitting in Reagan's lap eating all of the food that Reagan didn't finish for her supper. 

Showers were finished by the time that I made it back. Campbell soon came in and while supper was heating up, nachos and veggies, Whitman, Keaton and I played a game. Now we are all sitting in the living room finishing our suppers.

Meanwhile, the Omaha people have changed campsites today. They took it easy today, but did go out for a big Father's day supper at Chilis. The generator isn't working so since this was an easy day, Robby had plenty of time to work on it. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to fix it, but they don't need it for the next few days so all is still well.

Tomorrow starts cooking camp here and is the big game tomorrow so it is a big day here and a big day in Omaha.

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