June 9, 2022

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  • Today was the last day of Camp Geyer, and I think that all of us were dragging a little bit this morning when we walked into the building. Reagan, Anderson and Graham always scurry off to get to their spots. 
  • I have seen teenagers were hard this week, and I have seen teenagers not work hard this week. Unfortunately, I really was never around my big kids to see which group that they fell into. I certainly hope, and I actually believe, that they were in the working hard group.
  • I did get a compliment from the leader who worked with Graham. She told me that he had great leadership skills.
  • Campbell and Keaton were always ready each morning to help me get things ready in my rooms. Usually we had to do a few things each day-look for something or spray something. They were definitely great help to me-and I couldn't have done this week as well without their help.
  • Whitman's guide said that she tried all week to get him to smile and look happy. I explained to her that Whitman just usually looks sour even though he isn't. She did say that today he was being silly and goofing off for a bit, and she was able to see a glimpse of her personality. Whitman was in drama again today-I am sure that they saw a big glimpse of his personality in there for sure.
  • When the day was over, Reagan, Anderson and Graham had to work the bouncys on the parking lot. They are fried to a crisp, but thankfully, most of them were water bouncys so they didn't get too incredibly hot.
  • Robby took Campbell to have her last filling today. And as soon as the family day was over, I left with the others. I got them in the house, set my bag down and headed to the pregnancy center in Benton. 
  • I had been looking at the map during the day to check the travel time due to the wreck yesterday. Most of the day long, the time to get there was normal. It was not however. It took me about 20 extra minutes, and at least the access road where I drove was moving. 
  • I did my do there-mostly filling bag after bag of diapers. I always feel like I should just stop going there-it is so far away, I rarely can go, things are so busy here-but the people there are so nice and so grateful. 
  • Afterwards, I hurried home and then took Reagan and Camryn to her friend's house for the evening. I also had Campbell, Keaton and Whitman with me, and we met our buddies at the pool for a little bit. We had planned on staying until it closed, but they all left early so we did as well.
  • The big boys stayed home, and I think they have been on their xboxes all evening long. They are having a blast right-but I am about to tell this crew that I am going to bed!

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