June 17, 2022-Omaha or Bust!

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I think that I was the first one awake this morning out of all of our people. Well, Bentley was actually the first one-she barked, and then I opened her kennel up. I tried to go to back to sleep, but ended up playing on my phone until it was time for me to finally get out of bed.

I walked Bentley and then returned to fold clothes and empty the dishwasher. Whitman and then Keaton woke up. When I asked Keaton if she wanted to go with me to the store, she quickly agreed. I thought that I better ask Campbell if she would also like to join us, and she did.

At the store, we bought ingredients for tonight's supper along with stuff for another days' supper. This evening Keaton made our supper. She had seen the recipe on you tube and is famous because of TikTok, and she was super excited about it.

First we cooked feta cheese surrounded by multicolored mini tomatoes in the oven. While that was cooking she cooked some pasta, and then when things were reading we mixed it all together. I thought it as pretty good. However, the feta did give it a distinct flavor which wasn't my favorite and definitely wasn't Keaton's favorite. Campbell and Whitman only tried a few bites before moving on to nachos.

Earlier in the day at the store, we did fill our buggy with veggies and other items for our meal. We all then made guesses about how much it would cost. Usually when we play this game, we are under, but today we were way over budget which was a good thing.

I had taken the suburban to fill up with gas on the way there. I sure couldn't fill that huge gas tank up and just ended up without about half a tank of gas before stopping the pump. It is probably a good thing that I am not the one who is usually filling up the gas tanks around here.

When we returned home, we were only there for a bit before heading to Nonna and Pops' house. Reagan was going to come, but I told her that I was planning on staying out the entire time that the girls were gone, so she opted to stay at home.

Whitman, Keaton, Campbell and I ate our lunches at Nonna's house before we dropped the girls off to cook at one of Nonna's friend's house. After dropping them off, I ran into the library to pick up some books. 

Then it was back to Nonna's house to hang out until the girls were finished. We returned to pick them up after about 2 hours. They had worked on many different types of desserts-fudge, almond joys, cowboy cookies, potato chip crisps and possibly something else-I can't remember. 

They made things for Robby for Father's Day. They left with bag after bag full of desserts. She even sent them home with pecans and their own dish towels. They had fun during the afternoon baking away-it was a good warm up for them since next week is culinary camp for Campbell and baking camp for Keaton.

After we returned home, Keaton, Whitman and I headed to the pool, We had been there for about 15 minutes when they had to close the pool-ugh. That was a lot of gas and a lot of work to go to the pool for 15 minutes!

We arrived home just as Reagan was leaving to meet her friends to hang out for the evening. We went to work on Keaton's supper. After eating, the kids started watching tv in the living room, and I hunkered down in our bedroom watching 2 Hallmark movies. I haven't watched any movies in a good while so I was trying to catch up.

Meanwhile, the boys made it to Omaha today. Robby began the morning at the Walmart where they had slept. He hoped that they had a tire to replace yesterdays. However, they did not, but there was one down the road a ways that he picked up so all is back to normal in the tire department.

Robby and the boys did stop at the George Washington Carver National Monument for a little bit. Then it was back on the road for them. They arrived at their campground around 5. After getting settled, they headed out to explore the town.

It is now 11-Reagan had to be in the car tonight at 10. She text at 9:50 saying she was about to leave. And about 3 minutes later she called. Of course this took my breath away because the last time she called there was her fender bender.

She only asked if Camryn could come home with her. I hesitated and she asked what was wrong. Then I mentioned that really only 1 person can ride with her to which she answered that Camryn had her own car. This is when I replied "certainly" with a sigh of relief. 

Those girls have now spent a good deal of time in the kitchen going to town on the cookies and desserts that Campbell and Keaton made today!

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