June 8, 2022

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  • Day 672 of Camp Geyer-no, actually just day 3 though it feels a bit like 672. Honestly, things on my end have gone very smoothly. My craft helpers are great, and the kids have been really good. 
  • Now waking everyone up for church has been a bit more difficult each day. It has definitely been harder for me to get out of bed too! 
  • Reagan had spent the night with a friend, and she arrived just a little bit after we did. Then we all headed in to our assigned spots. I was able to see a little bit of the beginning today so that was neat to see. During all of the beginning time, the rain and thunder was really happening. I was just sure that the lights were going to go off-it was pretty crazy-but thankfully, they didn't.
  • Whitman's track that he was assigned to was drama. I am sure that he was just in his element in that track. Keaton was in crafts-but I have been staying with the little kids so I wasn't in her group. Campbell was in the outdoor games group-the same ones that her older brothers were leading so that went over about as well as you can imagine.
  • Robby wasn't able to come and help me today because he was having a filling and a root canal. He had a tooth that has been bothering him for a good while so hopefully that probably is now solved.
  • After church the rest of us plus two extras went to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch. They had quesadilla which I think that everyone certainly enjoyed. Then it was on to the house for all of us but Reagan who had to head to work.
  • The original plan had been to go to the pool, but the weather has just not cooperated with us this week at all. At 4, I left with Anderson to take him to his Sunday school teacher's house in Maumelle for a party. 
  • Then not too long afterwards, Robby, Graham and I left to have a tie dye party at Raymar for his Collide group. I am not sure how many of them there were, but they all died shirts and ate pizza so it was certainly a win-at least I think so.
  • Once we came home, there was some clean up to do for sure. Anderson was brought home so that was wonderful. Tomorrow is water day after Camp Geyer so I guess I should do a bit of planning for that.

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