June 2, 2022-All Around Lake Michigan and Beyond

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Going home days are always a bit sad. We were up before 7 this morning, and before 7:15, we had hooked the car up and were on the road headed towards home. Doing the car was pretty easy this morning though we did have one hiccup with the trailer lights not working.

Writing a blog on all day travel days is pretty difficult since really nothing happened today. Anderson and Graham stirred first. Whitman was up soon after along with Campbell. Keaton didn't appear until after our first gas stop.

During that stop I did run into Sams and picked up an assortment of things-water, bread, muffins and milk. The muffins were a happy for the kids since this was indeed a long day for everyone. Most folks did eat a muffin for their first breakfast or even for their second breakfast once I returned to the camper.

Then it was back on the road. I think the next stop was just a rest area. Robby did some work while I worked on making lunches for everyone. I guess all we pretty much did today was eat! I probably should have made the kids did one more day of their school work that I brought. I did get 9 of those days out of them, so I am still pretty pleased by that.

The next big stop was Ikea. We were on a mission-pillows, cords, and meatballs. We found those plus some candles (Keaton wanted some to give to her Sunday school teachers at the end of the year and Campbell just wanted one for herself.)

We did get a few snacks when we left ikea-we stopped at the little cafe at the end and bought some ice cream. Bless it though, by the time that we made it to the car, the tiny little dixie cup of ice cream that they gave us was pretty melting. We felt a little took there-but not as took as Robby did when we saw Eisenhower's house.

From Memphis to home did seem to drag a little bit. There was some rain that slowed us down. Plus two different wrecks on Lawson road. One we didn't have to stop at and the other we had to wait for about 20 minutes. Graham suggested that Robby get out the grill and start on supper, but we opted to wait until home.

Unloading at home took a bit. While Robby moved some things around, the girls went through the mail and found all of the things that didn't belong to us. I guess since we are on a rural route, our mail is not consistent. When it does show up, it usually belongs to a neighbor. They delivered some of the wrong mail and put the rest in the mail box.

I finished with the car and even worked on the house some before the camper was ready to unload. The kids worked really hard tonight helping unload. It is just a lot of carrying things back and forth to the house. I put it in laundry baskets and they take it where it needs to be-inside fridge, outside fridge, pantry, kitchen, dishwasher, outside freezer, mudroom.

Really most things just go to the mudroom. So far I have washed 2 loads of clothes, have one in the wash now, one load of coats in the dryer, will have 3 loads of sleeping bags, 3 of blankets, 1 of sheets and 1-2 of towels. All of those things are in separate piles in the mudroom. Reagan even tried to warn me so I wouldn't panic about all of the things in the mudroom tonight.

By 10, we were pretty much finished with everything and winding down. The kids are heading to bed now, and I'm heading to the shower!

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