June 21, 2022-Omaha or Bust!

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Day two of cooking school around here so this was the second day to leave early. I did have to wake up the girls twice today instead of them being awake when before I went up there. I guess that means that tomorrow I will have to wake them up 3 times since it will be the third day of cooking school.

I dropped them off and then went to do a bit of car maintenance. First I filled the white van up with gas-yes, I filled it all the way full and didn't stop at 50 which is my preferred gas total. Then after buying my Walmart things, I came home and refilled the oil in the suburban. 

Robby thinks his generator problem might have to be because it had been running without oil. He knows that is bad, but it did just kind of slip his mind. So no engine under Dennie care is now going to ever going to go without oil. 

Also I have never added oil to a car before. Actually, I have rarely opened the hood of a car. The suburban's hood stays up by itself-it didn't have a stick thing to hold it up. That kind of made me nervous so I still kept my hand on it! And apparently, I am a pro at adding oil to a car-I might just have a new career!

This morning before I did the car maintenance, I did walk Bentley. She heard a noise down the street and would not walk a bit more. So we turned around and headed home. Whitman, thankfully, did wake up a bit earlier this morning-I was kind of lonely yesterday.

I did spend my morning reading two chapters of my book between each chore that I did. And honestly, I didn't do many chores today or much of anything but read. I was able to finish my 600 page book today so that made me super happy. I have another book to start, but I need a day off of reading!

Soon I was picking up the girls with Whitman while Reagan was heading to eat with the youth at Tacos for Life. Campbell and Keaton seemed to have a lot more fun today at their camp. They both came to the car smiling and with their hands full of food.

After stopping by the library, we went back to Nonna's house. Keaton wanted another quesadilla for her lunch, and we had lots of yummy food to show off. Campbell had made huge meatballs, spaghetti sauce, a potato ball of some sort that had a fancy name and chocolate cake. Keaton had a box that weighted about 15 pounds full of cinnamon rolls, biscuits, and the brownies that she had made yesterday. I just can't imagine what is going to come home with them tomorrow.

We then came home and had to wait a few minutes for Reagan to come home before we all left for the pool again. We were there until it closed, and most of our buddies were there too so that was fun. On thew way home, I ran into Kohls and then was convinced to pick up ChickFilA for the supper.

Campbell, Keaton and I went to Shannon's house to watch the game with her since Tony was at work. Despite me not taking a nap during tonight's game it was a great game. We enjoyed watching it here, and I know that the boys and Robby had a blast watching it there. 

I believe that the plan is for them to come home tomorrow. I am sure that part of them want to stay one more day to watch their Hogs again. Either way, I guess they will be watching more baseball in Little Rock or in Omaha tomorrow night.

We did come home during the 8th inning since I felt the score was safe to change our locations without affecting the score of the game. Campbell took her shower, I spent a bit of time cleaning and it will soon be bedtime for this crew.

As far as Robby and the boys' day-I think they kind of had a lazy day. Robby possibly did some laundry this morning. They did go and pick out their snacks to take on their mission trips. And then there was the game! We looked for them tonight on tv but didn't have any luck seeing them.

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