June 24, 2022

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  • This morning we were all up and out the door earlier than any other this week. Our first stop wasn't cooking camp; it was the church house to drop off Reagan and Anderson so they could load up and head to New Orleans until next Thursday on a mission trip with the high school from church.
  • I haven't chatted with them too much today, but I do know that they stopped for lunch and made at least 2 gas stations stops on their way there. I think Anderson had Whataburger for lunch while Reagan had ChickFilA. For their out to eat lunches, they are handed a 10 dollar bill, and Reagan only spent 6, thus saving 4. She was proud of this!
  • They are in their spot in New Orleans though I haven't heard from them this evening. Maybe I might hear some more later tonight-though I am trying not to text too much!
  • After dropping them off, we were about to drop off the girls, but it was still too early. So we made a loop and ran by McDonalds. I didn't think that this stop would be quick and was shocked when we were back at Pulaski Tech in less than 10 minutes.
  • The girls had a great last day today. Keaton said that she wished that it was longer. Campbell had rice pilaf, more lamb, foccacia bread, cheesecake, and at least one more thing. We all agreed that we enjoyed the food that Campbell made last year better since it was food that we really would cook and eat. She still had a blast though and came home with a juicer, spatula, pan and something else.
  • Keaton spent her time today making cream puffs. They are not by favorite, but they tasted just like any cream puff I have ever had. She racked up with things from her last day-a sheet pan, cookie scoop, cutter, piping tip, zester, biscuit cutter and some other things as well. That all made it fun (though I did pay dearly for those things).
  • They both also came home with recipe books-Keaton was planning what she was going to make next: a pan of brownies like they made in class. I was looking over the recipe and was shocked to see that it called for a dozen, yes 12, eggs! Yikes! I thought surely that was a misprint so I did some figuring and then found the same recipe on the internet-yep, 12 eggs! 
  • We did stop by Nonna's house on the way home. Nonna pulled out her pan and made some quesadillas which the kids ate after we tried all of the girls' food. Then it was home for a few minutes before we headed to the pool.
  • Graham and Robby stayed home while the rest of us went. It was super hot today-I probably should have put on my bathing suit so I could have been wet, but I still wasn't so hot that I couldn't take a quick nap while baking in the heat.
  • After the pool, we were back home for a while before we left to take Campbell to Rock Creek for a girls' karaoke and pizza thing. We heated up some frozen pizza before taking Bentley on a walk. Then Robby mowed and soon I was heading back to pick up Campbell. 
  • Currently, there have been a few showers this evening-Graham is packed up because he is the next Dennie to ship out!

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