June 7, 2022

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  • Camp Geyer day two. The baseball game last night did end in a win, but that meant that we were a bit later than usual to bed. (Good thing I had that nap!)
  • Surprisingly, it wasn't difficult at all to wake up the kids this morning. Well, Whitman did need a few wake up calls plus he did try to start on his breakfast before his clothes.
  • And when we did start to leave, he couldn't find his poptart. I knew he had one and did a search around the house to find it. I just grabbed him a new one and threw it back towards him. We had driven a good bit when he was finally able to remember where it was-on the fireplace behind a box. He had put it there so Bentley wouldn't find it, but after a day at home she just might find it so we did text Robby to move it.
  • My part at Camp Geyer went well today. I think that the all of the kids are enjoying it-Whitman did get a snack today, and the adult snack was scones which is a huge win. Then we all headed towards home. 
  • Robby rode with us while Reagan headed to eat with a friend and then to spend the night at their house. So, I never really want to see Reagan's number pop up on my caller id when she is out and about. And when I answer, I sure don't want to hear, "we are okay, but..."
  • Yep, our first kid fender bender. Apparently she pulled out in front of someone when she was pulling out of Target in Bryant on to the access road. She was a bit panicked on the phone and kept asking me "what do I do?" We were still practically in the driveway when she asked, "are you getting close?" 
  • Robby and I headed that way while I talked to her. Some one called the police, and they soon arrived. Kennedy was with Reagan so she helped her find her flashers and get her info ready. The police man made everyone move to a parking lot. 
  • I don't think it was raining when it all happened, but it was by the time that we got there. The police had already left-just leaving Reagan with his business card. The other person never looked at Reagan's insurance, but maybe they got it from the police man. She wasn't given a ticket either so we don't know if that comes later or not. 
  • Reagan did say that she didn't see anything wrong with the other car, but she didn't get close to it to take a good look. Our car had a bit of damage. Basically, the trim around one wheel came off-well, Robby had to pull it off. No body damage though. 
  • Of course I pray for the kids safety, but I have also been praying that the suburban makes it to 400,000 miles. It is getting closer, and I am thankful for that for sure. I drove Reagan and Kennedy to Camryn's house to spend the night. We decided to leave the car for her to drive to church tomorrow. (As much as I am scared for her to drive tomorrow, she doesn't need to be scared, so back in the saddle.)
  • Whitman and I made some cookies this afternoon. Then Robby and I went to get gas for the minivan and big van. Then of course we were right by costco so we needed to walk around there. Afterwards, he went to ChickFilA for the kids. 
  • Robby, Whitman and I just had frozen pizza. We have become tired of ChickFilA which is probably a sin. Before and during supper and even a bit afterwards, kid were playing checkers with a huge checker set that I laid on the table. That was a fun part of the evening. 
  • Then we did pretty much nothing else for most of the evening. I think that I might even be able to read a bit of my book before bed.

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