June 23, 2022

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  • Day 4 of cooking camp, and I think that I am more tired than the girls. Seriously, this is why we homeschool; there is no way we could get up and around so early every single day. Now, sure it is nice to go to Walmart before 8 with no one there (done that twice this week), but I just need a nap.
  • The girls don't seem to need a nap though. They are going strong-this morning they only needed two wake up calls by me. The food made today was cupcakes which were delicious by Keaton, and she brought home her creme brulee. Campbell made some type of bread and there was lamb, a egg surrounded by a sausage along with apple pie. 
  • Whitman was relieved that he didn't have to go with me to pick them up today since there were lots of other people at the house. Graham did come too-he wanted a quesadilla at Nonna's house for his lunch so that is where we went afterwards.
  • Graham was stung by a wasp right before we left. I quickly gave him some benedryl, but he seemed to be fine for the rest of the day. Now, Anderson woke up with a crick in his neck and is walking around with his head all crooked-like he was when he was a baby! Hopefully, he will recover from that tonight since he leaves early in the morning.
  • Keaton and I headed out this afternoon. I dropped her off at a friend's house to practice a dance routine for her camp in a few weeks. I then headed to the pregnancy center for my afternoon of volunteering. I bagged diapers for most of the time before I started putting clothes in bins.
  • Robby picked up Keaton so on the way home I could drop off Reagan and Anderson's luggage. Reagan had one huge suitcase and a bag of bedding. Anderson had one small duffel bag and a bag of bedding. There is just a difference in how boys and girls pack for sure. Reagan and Anderson leave tomorrow for their mission trip to St. Louis.
  • Once I made it home, I helped Robby a bit. Actually, I just stood and watched Robby a bit. He was working on the trailer lights-the only thing I really did was when he was finished, I picked up his trash and moved a piece of wood. He was able to mostly fix it so that is good. He already know what his next project is tomorrow-owning a camper is a full time job.
  • I made chicken nuggets for the kids while Reagan was at her Bible study. I saved her some, but she opted to make a chicken pot pie for her supper so Robby was able to have her leftovers when he came in from working.
  • Laundry is just finishing right now, well the first load, and the blog is almost finished so I guess it is time for us to watch some tv or possibly take a nap before bed.

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