June 25, 2022

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  • Day 2 of dropping a Dennie off at the church house to go on a mission trip. Today was Graham's turn. He was up and texting me just as my alarm was going off this morning. I think that he was pretty excited-he did manage to get McDonalds for her breakfast this morning. 
  • We took the mandatory picture, nodded goodbye and headed on our way. Robby and I then ran to Grannymom and Grandpa's house for a few minutes before going to Walmart and Costco to pick up a few things.
  • Robby was just back home a for a few minutes when he left again with Whitman. First the child needed a haircut. Then Whitman and Robby went to a movie-Whitman received a "movie package" for Christmas which means that he gets to go to 4 movies this year and have popcorn, candy and a coke. He has been to one and this was his second to go to. I do think that boy loves him the movies.
  • While he was gone, Campbell's friend from Rock Creek came over. She hung out with us this afternoon and was even able to go swimming with us later in the evening.
  • We headed to the pool around 3:30 and saw most of our friends there. The kids bought snacks during one of the adult swims and during the next one Robby had pizza. At 7, they asked if we could stay a bit longer. We agreed, but unfortunately, it started pouring and lightening!
  • So we did have to head on home. That was fine though because the kids needed showers and Bentley needed a walk. We did a bit of cleaning around here once we came home. Keaton, Whitman and I played two games, and then it was finally bedtime for the crew. Three more Dennies leave tomorrow for the mission field in Monticello.
  • Reagan and Anderson: they both cleaned out storm drains in New Orleans today. Anderson said that it was a bit nasty, but he had fun. 
  • Reagan said that he held the trash bag open a lot-yesterday, when she told me what they were going to do, I told her that she could hold the trash bag open for the boys. She told me that she was a "strong, independent woman." I reminded her that strong, independent women know when to hold the trashbag! And that is just what my "strong, independent woman" did today! I know that they both really worked hard today.
  • Graham's group left around 8 for St. Louis. They arrived, but had some time to kill so they ate at ChickFilA before going to the arch for a little bit. Graham did send me a picture of himself without being asked-so Robby told him that he would get 5 extra dollars for that. I assumed that the pictures from him would start rolling in for sure, but that have not yet!

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