June 16, 2022-Omaha or Bust!

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The summer months are a little bit crazy for most folks, and by the end of the summer, I am ready for the routine of school to begin again. Right now I am embracing the crazy. From May 15th until July 15th, we will all only be home with no camps for just 3 days. That is a lot of crazy!

Robby added to the crazy when he asked the big boys last night if they wanted to go to Omaha to see the Hogs play baseball. Of course they said yes, so the camper was quickly reloaded and restocked last night.

This morning started out pretty normal. Reagan did go in to work for a bit-this was her last time for about 2 months while they shut down for the summer. Campbell and Graham had an orthodontist appointment, and I had a mammogram so we were spending plenty of time running back and forth to doctor's appointments.

Everyone did have some chores and some school to do today. Most of the afternoon was spent preparing for the boys' trip. Whitman was offered a ticket to go as well. He politely declined, though he did say that if Robby had already bought the tickets then he would go. Robby even asked him at the last minute if he had changed his mind, and he had not.

Robby and the boys left around 5. Keaton, Whitman and I left a bit later to go to the pool. Reagan left a bit after us to go to her discipleship group. That just left Campbell and Bentley at home together. 

My pool crew opted to stay another hour at the pool, so I called to check on Campbell. She said they were fine (though if this dog doesn't go potty pretty soon, she won't be fine!) so we stayed out until 9.

Robby and the boys are currently stopped at Andy's eating custard to start their trip off on the right foot. Well, maybe I should say to restart it off on the right foot. They didn't make it too crazy far when Robby had a blow out on the car dolly tire.

He said that he had his ear buds in so it took him a few seconds, but he definitely heard the sound. Thankfully, Robby was prepared. From the looks of the pictures, at least Anderson got to learn how to change a tire. Now, this just means that he needs to find a replacement tire so he can be ready next time (which will hopefully be not on this trip and really hopefully it will be never!)

When I returned home from the pool, I emptied the car and hung up the towels while Keaton and Whitman had their showers. My goal tonight is to read some and possibly watch a movie; however, my night is slowly ticking away since no one is in bed, laundry isn't started nor are the dishes. I guess I might just get around to reading and ice cream-that would be just as good!

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