June 20, 2022-Omaha or Bust!

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This was the long awaited cooking school week for Campbell and Keaton. They were up and out of bed this morning before my alarm went off. I could hear them upstairs getting ready as my alarm started to ring. That did mean that I didn't have to hurry upstairs to make sure that they were awake.

We pulled out of the garage at 7:20 this morning. They were so ready to go. I have been so excited for them for sure. Campbell went to Culinary 2 and made tea party type things today-sandwiches, biscuits and simple sugar cookies. Keaton went to Baking 1 and made triple chocolate chip cookies along with brownies which were still cooling so they will come home tomorrow.

While they were gone, I came home and started on my daily things. By 10, I was getting bored and sat down to read my book. By 11, I thought that I might just go and check on the sleeping two kids upstairs. Whitman did say "hello" when I did walk into the room. We then had to have a long conversation about which meal he was going to eat-breakfast or lunch.

I was able to get Whitman to eat breakfast, do a bit of school with me, and put on his clothes, and then it was time for us to leave. Reagan came with us to pick up the girls. When we picked them up, we heard all about their day. They both seemed to have a really good time.

Then we went to Nonna and Pops' house to deliver Pops' belated Father's Day gift. We also took in Keaton and Campbell's goodies and went to town on those. Since we were there at lunch, Nonna even pulled out some more food and made quesadillas for the hungry ones.

Back at home, we had about 20 minutes before turning around again to head to the pool. Campbell came with us though Reagan stayed back at the house. That was good for Bentley though since most of yesterday she was in her kennel.

The pool was pretty warm today-I might should have worn my bathing suit because I was pretty toasty. We even stayed until the pool was closed so it was 3 hours. The kids loved it, and my Whitman could stay there for hours longer.

When we returned home, I soon started on supper. Chicken and cheese tostados-I had to do a bit of improvising since we didn't have tostados and didn't have shredded cheese (used corn tortillas to make the tostados and shredded a block of cheese). I threw in some pizza rolls, potstickers and leftover veggies to fill the plates!

We then settled in to watch the ball game. Currently, the score looks like I need to take a nap immediately. However, I'm not really tired-I have tried to stay busy walking Bentley, making a shirt and reading so hopefully that counts for a nap and the score will improve!

The boys have had a good day today from what I have heard-despite the game. They went to the Fan Fest this morning and did get some more snow cones. Then they baked in the sun during the earlier game. Then it was back to the camper for a little bit of supper before heading over to the Hogs game. 

Despite the score, the boys weren't in the sun too long during the game. I am not too sure of their current plans-I think that they might be really enjoying their guys trip and may not be in any hurry to come home!

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