June 13, 2022-Collide Week at Degray Lake

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It was another really fun day here, and from the pictures that I keep seeing at Collide, my others had a really fun day as well. They have an app where the leaders are taking and sharing a lot of pictures which is really super nice to see. Though all I can see is all of the laundry that is going to be awaiting me when we come home.

This morning we took things pretty easy. Well, the boys were up at 7:45 when we first went to the bathroom. They stayed in bed for a good bit drawing. Then they put on their bathing suits, and Owen and Whitman went outside to play.

When they did this, I also eventually joined them outside. Robby had to go and check in. Then he had a work phone call. When he did this, I just sat outside and read. The weather was perfect this morning-it was cool and quiet.

After Robby finished his work, we started on pancakes. We made a huge batch along with sausage. It was too long after eating our breakfast that Sarah and her other two kids arrived. We all hung out around the campsite for a bit.

Then we headed to the swimming area. We didn't get a picnic table in the shade, but Traci had her tent so put the tent up. The adults all sat under the tent in the shade while the kids played in the water. They played and played, and we sat and sat. There was a wonderful breeze coming from the water so we were pleasant all day long-even still at 2 when we went back to the campsite to eat lunch.

We had sandwiches which the kids didn't eat a whole lot of. They were still too busy playing or maybe they were too hot to eat. We stayed until around 4 when we went back to swim some more. We had left all of our stuff there to claim our spot so we could come back.

The kids had floats which they spent some time on. There was some playing in the sand, and towards the end the girls were finding "treasures" in the sand. Some people would call them treasures while others might call them trash.

Around 6, we headed back to the campsite. Robby and I started on supper. We had chicken tacos for supper plus Traci had taco meat. It took a bit to cook the chicken, but the entire meal was just delicious. We had tons leftover after everyone ate. 

We topped our meal off with s'mores. However, when the heat index is over 100, you don't have a fire-you use the microwave! Traci and I whipped out 2 s'mores for everyone in no time at all. Then the shower trains started.

Sarah helped Landon shower in our camper, Traci showered Gabriel in their camper, while Robby drove all of the others to the bathhouse. They filled that place up for sure. I stayed back with Whitman who took a shower when Landon was finished. 

When the shower crew returned, Sarah headed towards home with all of her kids. Two Crafts joined us in our camper for the evening, and Robby and I took Bentley for a walk. I played a game with the girls before working on the blog, and now I am about to take my shower!

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