June 27, 2022-Mission Trip Week AKA Escape to the Lake Week

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Robby and I slept great last night. I did text Graham some pretty late last night-we couldn't figure out what he had bought at a gas station for 9 dollars. He filled us in-apparently there is a famous soda in Southern Illinois where he is called Ski so he bought himself a 6 pack. 

This morning we didn't really do a whole lot. We had to check in by 10 so we walked down to the visitor's center to do that. I was able to stamp my Arkansas State Parks passport book Then we headed back to the camper. 

After a quick breakfast (granola bar for me and sausage biscuit for Robby), we put Bentley in her kennel and headed towards Mt. Nebo. That is one state park that has camping, but we will never be able to camp there. The camper length limit for the road up there is 25 feet-when we have the car hooked up we are over 50 feet so it is definitely a no go. 

Robby did think that we could probably make it up there in the camper alone; however, he also said that he would stress about getting down the hill the entire time that we were there. Don't worry though, we are rule followers and would never try it. 

Mt. Nebo is really pretty. We were there last in 2016 with Grannymom and Grandpa. When we left there, I put on my list that I wanted to do the Bench Trail, but we weren't really up for walking 4 miles today (Though with all of our walks today at the campground, we have done over that). We didn't have Bentley with us so we decided that we will come back soon for that trail.

We covered the park and saw quite a bit of it. We ate cheese and crackers on our way down the mountain. We also drove around another section of the Lake Dardenelle State park on our way back to our part of the park. 

Robby worked for a while, and I tried to read but eventually fell asleep. After a bit though, we did load back up, this time with Bentley, to drive out to Long Pool. We went there with a big group of people right after buying the camper. It is a first come first served site and was completely full last time-today there was hardly anyone there at all.

We walked around there for a while, and then we headed back to the camper to drop off Bentley. Robby and I went to eat at La Chiquita-all I could think about was chiquita bananas, but no bananas were on the menu. They did have delicious chips to go with their salsa. 

After supper, we walked along the water some before coming back in the camper to do a project. Tonight's first project was hanging thick aluminum foil material in the two cabinets that house my food. One is in a slide so it gets super hot and the other is above the fridge which also gets warm. Hopefully, this will help it stay a bit cooler.

The next project was unintended. We noticed that the new toilet seal that Robby put in the other day wasn't holding. The seal keeps water in the potty-if there is no water, the smells from below seep up, and that's no good. The seal stopped working so he replaced it. It worked very well for about a day. However, not only has it stopped holding water, right now it is preventing the toilet from opening and closing-yikers! He is working on it right now.

Here's what I know about the kiddos today: not much! As of right now, I haven't heard anything from the New Orleans and St. Louis people. I have seen pictures-Graham's group looked like they did more of the VBS today. The only picture I saw of Anderson he was as a gas station, and his credit card usage confirms this. Reagan did not appear in any pictures as of right now.

Now, I don't know too much about the Monticello people either. Sausage and biscuits were for breakfast and taco salad for supper. Campbell and Keaton look to be in a group with Justin so that is good. I believe their group did some yard work along with washing cars. Whitman's group looked like they cleaned some vans. I also noticed that Whitman had on the same shirt that he wore yesterday. This might bother some moms; however, I'm a bit proud. On most trips of ours, laundry is not frequent, and my boys don't have zillions of clothes (especially the big boys) so I often encourage them to rewear if they can. So success-he has listened something I have said. Now tomorrow if I see him in the same shirt, I might have to call one of my momma buddies there and have them intervene!

Update-I did just get a reply from Graham and Reagan from my text earlier. I sent all three big kids a text asking about their day. Reagan said that she did coffee conversations and talked with a few people. Graham's text was a bit more confusing: I asked "how'd it go today?" to which he responded, "good, just got back from showering at a lady's house." I have no idea what that means. 

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