June 5, 2022

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  • This was a busy day which was fitting because it is the start to a busy week. We started off the morning with church. As we were getting dressed, I received a text asking if Reagan and I could work in the nursery, so that is what we did while the others went to church.
  • Reagan and I had a lively group in our class which did make the hour or so go by quickly, Then it was on to Sunday school for a little bit. There we had a room full-I thought people were supposed to be out of town during the summer. Not, today it was packed out in the children's area.
  • Whitman left from church to go to a birthday party. I think this is his second birthday party lately, and I do believe that he is enjoying these little outings. Today, there were water guns, water balloons, a slip and slide, hamburgers (one of his favorites) and ice cream (another favorite.)
  • The rest of us went to Grannymom's house for lunch. We ate and visited a bit before leaving for home. Keaton and I had to head to the church house. So after sending an email at home and printing some things, we were off.
  • We worked for about 2 hours getting things ready for our groups. Hopefully, things will run smoothly tomorrow, but it should still be a crazy day for sure. As we finished, the Crafts arrived so Keaton hung out with them and helped Traci while I went to a camp meeting for the big 4.
  • While I was at our church house, Anderson, Graham and Campbell went to another church house for their Sunday night. They had a good time, but the boys were anxious to get home so they could watch the baseball game.
  • At some point, Reagan left this evening to go to a pool party/camp planning meeting. She was gone for a while, but not as long as we were. We went to the Wilson's house tonight for supper. We stayed until almost the end of the Hogs game. 
  • We finally had to leave since tomorrow is an early morning-a very early morning. I believe that it is almost already quiet upstairs!

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