June 22, 2022-Omaha or Bust!

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Way before I woke up this morning, Robby was already awake and on the road. I think that the boys left around 4 this morning and possibly even earlier. I believe that they only stopped once for gas pretty early in the morning-well, it was still early, but it was about half way of their trip. 

Then they stopped again to fill the camper back up with gas when they made it back to Little Rock. The boys slept off and on for most of the morning. Despite the lack of the generator today, they stayed pretty cool in the back of the camper: early start, cloud cover, a fan and a sheet to stop the air from going in the way back. 

Last night after the winning game, I wasn't too certain when the boys would show up since there was a small chance that they might stay one more day. However, they decided that they must come back to the real work-and really, they have been gone a week, and we were all starting to miss them.

They arrived home around 2 today. The girls, Whitman and I hadn't been home too long since we did a bit of shopping after picking up the cooking school camper. As I wondered last night, I didn't actually have to go upstairs 3 times this morning. I almost thought that I would have to go back up there and may have even been heading that way when I heard them moving around.

I was in a bit of a sour mood this morning because my bed mate (the dog-not Robby) didn't want to sleep in her kennel last night. I thought that I better get her ready for tonight when she will be sleeping back in her kennel. Bentley whined and barked for a good bit. Around 2 I did take her out hoping that was the problem, and maybe it was because after she did do her business she did sleep for the rest of the evening, and so did I.

I watched a movie today while the girls were at camp. I have given up cleaning the house and really wanted to take a nap but decided to not. Keaton was busy during the day today making creme brulee which she will bring home tomorrow. She did bring home a full size cheesecake plus a box of chocolate chip cookies. Campbell did food from Little House on the Prairie today-fish, ham, apples and onions, and  mashed potatoes. 

They are having the best time at their cooking camp and seem to enjoy it more each day. They are so chatty on the ride home and can't wait for the next day. Again, I would send all of my people and even sneak in myself if I could.

After picking them up, we then ran to Walmart-oh, and this morning I had to get gas in the suburban. Yuck, this gas thing is out of hand. It was well over 100 dollars today-I like it better when Robby is here and gets the gas for me; then I don't know how much money we really spend.

At Walmart, Reagan bought a few things for her mission trip. Then we were home and watching for the boys to arrive. By 2ish, they were pulling in the driveway. They had a great trip and a pretty easy trip home. (Though when Robby left I suggested that he change his car straps. He decided to wait and somewhere along the way today, he lost one. Not a huge deal since there was one still on there and the car is chained to the dolly. That is why you carry spares of everything when in a camper.)

We unloaded the camper some, and still have some more to unload tomorrow. The big outing this evening was the mission trip meeting for Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. I have been worried about Whitman on the trips. But after watching him at the meeting tonight, taking it all in-he is going to do great.

Pastor Brad was talking about kids turning into leaders during the mission trips-I was just whispering into Whitman's ear, "that's you, that's going to be you." He is excited, and I am excited for him. 

We made it home in time to settle in and watch the last bit of the Hogs game. It was a stressful ending to the game-Anderson, Keaton, Whitman and I were playing a card game. Anderson wanted to stop and watch while I wanted to be busy and play so I didn't have to watch. Thankfully, the game turned out in our favor!

We then ran to the Wilson's house for a minute to drop off a check for camp. We stayed until 10:30-which was when Reagan had to head home from where she was. She made it home a bit after we did, and then we all started to head towards bed. It takes a bit longer to get everyone to bed when there are more of us here! But I am sure glad that we are all back under one roof for a night or two.

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