June 15, 2022-Collide Week at Degray Lake

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After having a super relaxing evening-after we did pack all of our things up, the morning was not as relaxing. Robby had a work phone call pretty early. I did wake up when he went outside so I soon was ready and woke Bentley up to take her on a walk.

I think that the poor dog was getting a little bit depressed since most of her people have been gone for so long. I guess she realized it, and I don't really know if she knew they had been gone for a few days or for a few minutes. Either way, I do think that she was in a funk because she would bark every time that we walked away from her, and she spent a good deal of time sleeping.

As soon as Robby was finished, we packed up the last few things. We drove and dumped and while he did that, I got everything ready to load the car. We then were soon on the road to home. Since the camper was less full (just Whitman since Keaton was with the Crafts), I did walk around for a little bit trying to find the rattles so Robby could fix them later.

We made it home around 11:30 and went right to work. Whitman was a bit worried that he was going to have to do the work of all of his brothers and sisters too. However, with a lot less people in the camper there was a lot less work to be done. I wasn't able to finish it all before I left to pick up the campers, but right now the camper has been emptied, cleaned and reloaded.

The campers, Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell, all had such a wonderful time at camp this week. When I arrived, I saw Reagan first and then Graham. I helped take their stuff to the car while they waited on more. I spotted Campbell next and then Anderson who was in the back of the trailer unloading it. 

We stayed until Anderson had finished unloading the trailer, and then loaded up the van and headed home. Well, we really headed to Sonic-they were all parched and needed a pick me up. On the way home, I heard all about camp. There were many stories, and it sounded like everyone had a wonderful time.

The laundry had already begun when I came home, so the kids soon emptied their bags and added their laundry to the pile. I believe that we have done 6 or 7 loads so far today and that is not counting what is currently in the dryer nor the one that I will do at bedtime.

I pretty steadily did work on the laundry most of the afternoon. I did run to pick up Keaton before getting too involved in cleaning up this place. Then I would do some laundry, do a few chores and do some reading. I did this for the rest of the evening.

Robby and I did take a walk with Bentley before our supper (chicken pasta) was ready tonight. Then we even made a delicious dessert-cinnamon and sugar coated naan bread. Right now it should be bedtime for these kids, but I am too tired to go upstairs and make them go to bed.

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