June 6, 2022

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  • Today was the first morning of Camp Geyer this year, so my alarm was going off at 6:30. By 7, I was dressed and waking up the kids, and by 7:40, we were pulling out of the driveway. 
  • Now that seems like everything went smoothly-not so much. Graham had already planned to have a shower this morning. However, Whitman woke up incredibly "sweaty" so I had him take a shower as well-it wasn't sweat, it was a few too many gulps of his water bottle and going to bed too late. He hasn't done that in years, but of course it would be on a busy morning. 
  • Despite the rain, we were certainly early to church this morning, but that was nice since we didn't have to hurry too much. My crafts were already ready, but the big 3 started their things at 8:15. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman were able to go to their rooms at 8:30.
  • Let's do a run down of where everyone was today-Reagan was a guide for 6th grade the whole day. Anderson was a guide for 6th grade as well and also the leader with Graham in outside games which took place inside because of the rain. Graham did games but he also was a guide for 4th grade. Campbell's track today was soccer which she enjoyed, but she did roll her ankle during it. Keaton went to construction for her track today and was the only girl. Whitman was in outdoor games and somehow he didn't get a snack today when he was in that track. (I asked his brothers about this, but they didn't know anything about it.)
  • Robby came up to help during  my craft time. He then stayed and picked up the kids. All but Anderson. His group stayed at the church house to tie dye their tshirts. I went to the library, but then just hung out in the car for a little bit while waiting on him,
  • Robby took Reagan, Campbell and Keaton to the dentist for a few fillings-well, lots of fillings. Campbell even gets to go back for some more work Thursday. I then met them at the pool for a little bit when they were finished.
  • Campbell and Keaton seemed to have no trouble with their mouth this afternoon and evening. Now, Reagan was a bit more sore and even put ice on her cheek for a while. I think she is better this evening though.
  • On the way home from the pool, we ran to the grocery store and picked up some supper to cook. Afterwards, Robby and I took a walk before settling in to watching the Hogs play some baseball. They are still playing right now, but it isn't looking too good-so I am going to take a nap and try to help my team.

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