June 28, 2022-Mission Trip Week AKA Escape to the Lake Week

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Let's see, I am not really sure when I finished the blog last night. I know that it was no where near when we went to bed. As Robby was getting ready for bed, he realized that the toilet no long opened to allow the waste to go down. He originally just hoped that his seal somehow was blocking that piece from working. Of course, this means taking the potty off-water off, tools out of the car, towels, gloves (it's a messy, messy job). He soon discovered that it wasn't the seals-it was a broken piece.

Amazon to the rescue: well, not really. Sometimes Amazon is great, and other times it is just a big tease. He searched and searched looking for the right part. And he even ended up ordering lots of possibly parts since returning things is so easy. However, upon more potty work-well, he had to get it all back together since we kind of need it-he realized that he still didn't think that he had ordered the right part.

This camper rolls back out again Friday or possibly even Thursday. Eight people-we need a perfectly functioning toilet. That meant his next purchase was the whole thing! A part is definitely broken, but we are crossing our fingers that the whole new things comes quickly. 

After the initial panic of not being able to find what he needed, Robby thought that things would calm down. They only got worse-the potty had to be put back together. (Thankfully, we are right near the bathhouse.) Robby tried and tried and tried to get it back together. After about an hour of working on reassembling it, he was finally able to get it. All of this was much more difficult since he was working with a broken piece. Not exactly the way we wanted to spend the evening; however, that is the joys of owning a camper.

We did sleep well-but maybe that was because we went to bed at a crazy hour. When I woke up, I read some and read some more. We eventually did go on a walk this morning and walk we did-we were gone for nearly an hour walking around this park. The weather has been absolutely perfect the last few days, and we sure enjoyed our walk today.

Soon though it was lunch time-I made us some lunch. Robby worked, and I read and eventually napped. This evening we went for another walk before leaving to eat at Fat Daddy's BBQ. It was good-just bbq really though. 

Afterwards, we did walk around Lowes and bought a few things for our camper projects. We hesitated to do camper projects tonight just in case they might be disastrous like last night. However, tonight's projects were successful (at least so far). We re-tiled the back of the bathroom cabinet, and Robby worked on stopping some drawers from sliding with velcro.

We then walked Bentley, and I started on the blog when we returned. After some ice cream, my plan is for a shower and then bed!

Dennie kid update: Late last night, Reagan text to show me a screen shot of what a worker had said about her. They had nothing but praise for Reagan's hard work. That was certainly good to hear. I believe that Reagan did some painting of a house today and helped with a community meal. Anderson also helped with the community meal, and I saw pictures of him talking to a kid in a laundry mat. I, again, have not heard anything from Anderson. Though I have been tracking all of the kids' credit card usage across the country. It is kind of like we are mini private investigators following the money trail. Seriously, they have each spent less than 15 dollars; though there is some uncertainty about if they have already blown through the cash we also sent with them. 

Graham, who has also been using his credit card, did text today after accidentally calling me and hanging up. He said that they were going to go to eat Mexican for lunch and then to the zoo. Poor Graham, he was really hoping that they would not have to go to the zoo-I believe that almost 14 year old boys no long enjoy watching the animals. 

Let's see-I know that Campbell, Keaton and Whitman had cinnamon rolls for breakfast because I saw pictures last night of them being made. They also had hamburgers for supper. I saw a picture of Keaton in the pool which was probably from last night. I did see Whitman in a picture where it looked like he was sorting clothes. And then tonight I barely saw Campbell and Whitman sitting at a table while the whole group was singing praise songs.

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