July 31, 2022-One Last Hurrah at the Beach Before School

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  • Church morning so my crazy dreams last night didn't help at all in me getting up. Here's a run down of my dreams-first dream: Shannon asked me to write an article for the staff newspaper at her church. It was supposed to be funny, and she dictated the first paragraph to me. second dream-Robby and I went into a grand opening of a Big Red gas station, and by the time that we left, he had a job and was cutting holes in his desk for his computer cords. They also had cookies that they were giving out at the grand opening. 
  • Thankfully, I don't think either of them will come to friution. I did once hit snooze to try to continue my dreams and have them come to an end. That didn't work, so I will never know if I wrote the article or if Robby was happy at Big Red. 
  • We made it to church in plenty of time this morning. However, when I did go out with Bentley it was raining pretty good. I had already dried my hair and had on my church clothes, so wet I did get. I dried well before church though because it soon was warm again when we were getting into the car.
  • Big church and then Sunday school followed by lunch at Grannymom's house. After visiting for a little bit, it was soon time to head home. We had a list of things to do. The kids helped and soon we had knocked through the list. I was even able to rest my eyes for a little bit beofre heading to church. Thankfully, I had no dreams!
  • Robby and I had a meeting at church tonight. They had delicious food and yummy desserts but those were sandwiched between meetings. Robby and I had to sneak out a little bit early becuase we needed to go and pick up Campbell, Anderson and Graham from Rock Creek. 
  • When we arrived home, Jason was there to give Graham his birthday present. Also Bentley was standing in front of the gargae all alone. I guess a door was left open, and she took a stroll without anyone knowing. 
  • It didn't take long to grab her-though she does like to run from us if she gets outside without a leash. Once all pets (just Bentley) were accounted for, we went to town. Within 30 minutes we were pulling out towards Mississippi. 
  • We stopped for gas once and soon arrived at Harlow's Casino. The lot that we have parked in before was closed, so we are parked in front of the casino. It took us a few minutes to figure things out, but soon we were parked and people were making beds. 
  • Our night time routine is chaotic to say the least-8 people in a tiny space with everyone needing to change clothes in the back and go to the bathroom/brush teeth in the bathroom. Plus during all of this we are making beds and passing out blankets and pillows. It does get a little wild, but within 10 or 15 minutes everyone is settled and all is well.
  • We plan to head out in the morning, but we might sleep in just a littke bit. Or we might go in and win some money! 
  • And no, I don't have a single picture from today-I will do better tomorrow!

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